10 Questions with Sylvia Lund of Just Rentals

How long have you been in the property business?

We are in our twentieth year.


How did you get into the rental market?

I was selling real estate 20 years ago, but got disillusioned very quickly, as I realised I did not have the thick skin required, and commission selling brings the worse out in everybody. Such a competitive business to be in. My sister was into Property Management and I realised that this was the business I would prefer to work in. 3 years in Real Estate,  a year off to obtain my licence (this was required back then) and Just Rentals was born! I  have loved this 20 year journey, and look forward to many more years in the industry.


What is the current sentiment re owning a rental property?

Landlords are not happy with the Tax Regulations that have been suggested. There is an air of uncertainty around this. Now the Capital Gains Tax has been put to bed that has been well received, but there is the Ring Tax and the Health and Safety Bill  which is still being discussed.


How is Just Rentals different to other rental agents in Auckland?

We are a unique Rental Office  as staff and owners  are all Family members. That is  our Property Manager, Office Manager, Accounts and Maintenance Manager. A small team but very experienced and professional. Tenants and Landlords have the continuing  experience of dealing with one property Manager and company.


What sorts of commissions do you charge?

We charge 7.9% only on rents received …it covers organising tradespeople, arranging Insurance for floods etc. paying invoices  signs and advertising  etc.


What do you recommend that property owners should do to their properties prior to putting them up for rent?

Make sure the property is CLEAN, including the carpet. Tidy gardens and Lawns. Check the nets and curtains for mould or dirt and get them cleaned or replaced. A good time for a little painting where necessary and a chemical wash of those decks, pathways and exterior of the property, windows sparkling. Presentation is so important, and if looking good will attract a good tenant.


What do you look out for when selecting tenants?

We require a tenant to be working and need to know how long they have been working with their current employer. The way the present themselves . A good credit report,  which includes any Tenancy Tribunals, and a glowing reference from their previous landlord.


What you love best about working for yourself?

My Star sign is LEO so I need to be the Boss! I have worked in my own business for many years: I like to be in control. Just Rentals fulfils all these requirements!


Benefits of working from home?

No more commuting (been there and done that):  I just turn the lights out close the office door and I am at home … Wonderful!


Is there anyone in particular that inspires you in your everyday work?

Yes my Twin sister Gloria. She has always been such a great entrepreneur, setting up different businesses herself and encouraging me all the way. She was the first in the family to be involved in Property Management.


Your best business tip.

Keep your rental property looking good, keep up the maintenance inside and out. I always state that you must have a clean tidy letterbox—it is the first object that tenants see and it is an indication of how well the property is looked after.


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