Let’s Eat Out | Fry Baby

A consistently smart operation with a clever but simple concept delivering freshness and taste that you will mull over for days. This is one professional and ambitious project with a foray into the unusual with food from the heart.


If you view simplicity as the ultimate sophistication you’ll love Auckland’s latest addition with a re-assuring sense of what works. The concept is uniquely different in that all it sells is fries and only fries. As a consequence in a city dominated by hundreds of takeaway eateries Fry Baby takes a different tack, subsequently it’s no wonder why it’s so popular and such a huge hit in Auckland’s crowded food scene.


Fries are one of the world’s most popular comfort foods and while the concept of a fries-only operation is new to New Zealand, the concept has been around in Belgium for decades and more recently throughout Europe.


Beyond compare in texture, taste and shape (the fries are all hand cut) you can also douse the fries with one of ten amazing sauces. First encounter is the amazing crunchiness of the agria potatoes that have been twice deep fried in coconut oil. You can graze with small ($6), medium ($8) or large ($11) helpings served up in grease-proof paper sleeves.


And the verdict? This is the exactly the sort of eatery that everyone would like to have in their street and exactly the type of food that suits Auckland’s casual lifestyle. It’s also proof that good takeaway food never goes out of style, nor does their eager-to-please service.


Words: Dennis and Rosamund Knill

Corner of Customs and Commerce St, Auckland
Open daily, 11am to 8pm