BOOK REVIEW | March 2018

The Actresses by Barbara Ewing | $30

This is a big curl on the sofa comfort read. First published in 1997, it is the story of a group of people who first met at drama school. The years have passed and it is time for their 35th reunion.  Some have made it, some have gone to Hollywood, a few have worked in theatre but not got the fame and fortune they aspired to. On the day of the reunion as things get more heated, an accusation is thrown and the media get wind of it and all hell breaks loose. Pulling you in from a soft-paced beginning, this is a detailed and interwoven story of how events will resurface eventually. An actor’s life is not an easy one.


The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris | $32

Heather Morris wanted to write a movie script and when Lale Sokolov told her his life story she knew this was it. The script has turned into a biography but the story if anything is even more powerful. Lale was a young man when he got on a train, days later without food and drink on the whole journey which was spent crammed into cattle carts, they stopped at Auschwitz, and the nightmare began. Lale gets the job of scratching numbers onto the arms of prisoners and rubbing green ink into them so the marks are permanent. He meets Gita whilst doing his job and this is their story of survival and memory. Remarkable.


I’ll Keep You Safe by Peter May | $35

A successful young couple are at a fashion conference in Paris where their exclusive material woven on the Isle of Lewis and Harris is being featured. Niamh suspects her husband is having an affair and when she sees him drive off in a white Mercedes with a woman she follows on foot, as the car turns the corner it explodes. A female French detective assigned to the case visits Lewis, and Niamh is the prime suspect. But all isn’t what it seems. This fast-paced thriller has twists and turns to keep you reading late into the night. If you enjoy this tale and haven’t read Peter May before, you can catch up on his excellent other books at your leisure.


The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey | $40

This is a beautiful book to give a dear friend or family member. It is a collection of inspirational short stories from a whole range of people about either things that have helped them, or things they do to get through the tougher parts of everyday life. A comfort and a book that fills the gap when those you love need a helping hand.


Words: Doris Mousdale
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