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27 Years Of Dreams

Twenty-three-year old Fraser Grut dreams of a world where dreams can and do come true.


To make this happen he is challenging a new person each day to realise and vocalise their own unique dream.


In fact, 10,000 Days (or 27 years) of Dreams began as a one-year project but that didn’t seem challenging enough for the ambitious young man who soon decided the next logical step was to bump it up another 26 years.


However, it was not all smooth sailing for him, saying that the first months of filming were the toughest, but his wife helped him through when one night he almost gave up.



“Basically, it was the day my nana passed away. Day 87. It was late at night and I hadn’t captured a dream that day. I gave up. I didn’t have a strong engagement, so I thought no-one would care. Everyone would forget about the project. Luckily, my wife Belinda encouraged me to push on. She told me not to waste the last three months. Around 10pm we drove to the highway on our way home from Whangarei to Auckland, stopped off at LJS, the fast-food joint, and I filmed the dream of a young guy working at the till — on my iPhone. Before that day, the project had become a burden. It was a chore. I wasn’t challenging myself. After that night, I’ve come to love the project. I’ve seen the positive effect it’s had on people. It’s such a privilege to share the world’s dreams!”


Since that day he started interviewing people from all walks of life, driving out to locations he had never been before and approaching strangers.


You can definitely notice a change after this date, the people he begins to interview become more varied and the responses perhaps more spontaneous.


He visits mosques, children’s hospitals, the church of Scientology and by now has no problem openly approaching people on the street. Although he does get turned away at times.



I asked Fraser why he thinks this happens and he says that “perhaps people are not ready to realise their dreams as they may not know if they can reach them”. This is exactly the kind of attitude he is trying to change.


On day 365 Fraser turned the camera on himself, sharing his dream with the world, “Ever since I was seven-years-old I’ve had three dreams: to change the world through film; to tell the whole world about God through film; and to become the greatest filmmaker to have ever lived. My dream for Frog is that it becomes the biggest film studio in the world but that it’s gates are always open to young filmmakers. My dream for 10,000 Dreams is that for the next 26-and-a-half years the world starts to realise that no matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, everyone has the right to have a dream and has the right to actually live their dream. I want to build it into a charity that basically helps people live their dreams and makes dreams come true. So that’s my dream. Thank you.”


With 26 years to go, Fraser wants to take this project around the world and share as many dreams as possible. This project is a lifestyle and everybody’s dream is relevant to Fraser Grut.


Words: Mya Cole
You can follow Fraser’s journey on Instagram @frasergrut