5 Tips for Natural Skin Care


It’s no secret anymore; natural health care is rapidly becoming the more desired option over conventional ways. This includes skin care, diet, medication vs. plant medicine, acupuncture and Ayurveda vs. Western doctors. After decades of worsening health problems, we are finally waking up to the realisation that things were better when they were more natural.

Natural remedies are products, medicines or foods that work in synergy with our bodies to improve natural function and restore homeostasis. We do not want side-effects from processed foods, chemically engineered medications or synthetic products. We want REAL natural things! It’s time we address some simple and natural ways to help improve our body and skin.


Here are five things you should know about for the natural health of your skin:



Eating unhealthy food is often overlooked as the root cause of skin disorders. But the truth is that many problems can be corrected with proper diet. Everything you eat goes through a systemic process in your body. That means that each organ, including your skin (the largest human organ) depends on the nutrients we provide through the food we eat. So the quality of the food you eat will be reflected by the quality of your skin. Eating a whole foods diet and avoiding packaged items with processed sugars, preservatives and additives, is the best way to keep your skin and other organs healthy.



There are probably thousands of skin care products on the market right now, so how do you know which to choose? Simply look for products with the fewest ingredients possible. The less ingredients there are, the more natural it is. Look for ingredients labelled as ‘organic’, this means that the plants used in the making weren’t grown with chemicals and pesticides. Our skin absorbs products directly into the bloodstream, so any lotion, soap, oil or deodorant you put on your body will end up in your body.



Your skin naturally produces oil. The oil has a slightly acid pH to protect against external bacteria. It naturally protects, softens, lubricates and glows! It is not meant to be stripped away with harsh soaps. In many cases, we are washing the oil off faster than it can naturally be replaced. So we can apply oil to help with its normal functions or protecting, softening and lubricating. I prefer organic unrefined coconut oil for face and body. Coconut oil’s properties are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and even acts as a mild sunscreen. You can also use jojoba, olive, almond, avocado or sesame oils.



Hormones are responsible for every cellular reaction in our bodies, thus affecting the health and appearance of our skin. Hormonal levels can be affected easily by many factors like, age, sex, emotions, medications, food and drinks. A diet high in sugar affects natural insulin regulation. This is a complex process that can have detrimental effects on the body if not in balance. Since our organs all operate as one system, our skin will be affected by this insulin hormonal change as well. High sugar dietary intake usually presents with exacerbated acne and redness of the face.

Many women find acne relief from taking birth control hormones. These hormones are synthetic and interrupt the natural hormone production for months or years at a time. Unfortunately, in many cases the acne returns severely after stopping the hormone intake. Taking hormones and birth control is a personal decision and should be discussed with your doctor.



There are many over the counter medicated face washes, creams and topical serums available. Benzoyl peroxide and aalicylic acid are both very common medicating ingredients for acne cleansers and are prescribed regularly by dermatologists and aestheticians. While these ingredients do a great job exfoliating the skin and washing away bacteria, it’s not necessary on a daily basis. Many people experience side-effects like dryness, redness, irritation and rashes from these medicated chemical formulas. Medicine should be used sparingly and only for severe cases. Many times the root cause of acne or other skin blemishes can be corrected more simply with a better diet or stress relief. If you are experiencing acne after using one or many different medicated washes and creams, I would suggest considering other factors besides the cleanliness of you face as the cause.


Words: Cheryl Davies