5 Tips for Keeping your Dog Happy During Isolation! | The Strand Vet

At home with a bored dog? Check out our tips below for keeping them (and you!) occupied…


Pop your dog in a room while you place small treats in places for them to find around the house. Bring them into the room (they’ll smell the treats and hear the bag, so will totally know what you’re doing!) Then say… “find it!!” and watch as they hunt around!


Image Credit: AnimalWised | youtube.com/watch?v=jSFJOY6qUUo


Shake hands? Roll over? Use small treats to teach new tricks. Be patient, and always finish on a positive note.



Put on an animal documentary and let them watch and listen… Sounds of other animals are always so fascinating to dogs, see if they have a favourite!


Get crafty if you don’t have one at home! Make a treat dispenser with an empty soda bottle, cut a small hole in one side big enough for a treat to fall out and let you dog roll it around, picking up treats! You could use this with his normal biscuits to slow down his meal times.

You can also use an upside-down muffin tray and spread some wet food or peanut butter (small amount!) over it and your doggo can spend time licking it clean (can be a bit messy, so maybe try outside!)



Make an obstacle/agility course (get the kids involved) use washing baskets and brooms to make small jumps, wrapping paper tubes or pool noodles as “trotting poles”, cans for weaving and cardboard boxes to run through! (if you have a small enough doggy!)



🐾 Ensure any extra treats you feed are counted in your dog’s daily calorie intake, so they’re not being overfed. Treats should make up no more than 10% of their daily diet.

🐾If doing a scavenger hunt, make sure you don’t encourage show chewing by hiding treats in shoes! And ensure you’re the treats are hidden somewhere safe.

🐾 All of the above activities should be done under supervision! If your dog starts to chew the plastic bottle, remove it!

🐾Google: Scent work games for dogs for more ideas.


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