6 Things to Do on Your Day off to Really Recharge

Your work week has been stressful and busy, and you’re looking forward to your day off – but how can you make the most out of a free day?


Do those errands

A day off is a perfect chance to complete those unavoidable jobs that didn’t get done during the work week. Jobs such as straightening up the house, tackling laundry, and making a trip to the supermarket will be more efficiently done in the morning, so putting aside the morning hours between, say, 9 and 11am are optimal in order to get those jobs done. Batching these unavoidable tasks can help you keep your life on track and will also prevent the errands from taking over your entire day.


Let’s get physical!

Whether you’ve been sitting down in an office all week or not, physical movement is a fantastic tool to get your body moving and to release those positive endorphins. It can also strengthen your muscles, reduce certain health risks and boost your mood. No matter how you choose to move your body, whether that be a walk, a gym session, or by following a YouTube video at home, movement is fantastic for your body and mood.


Treat yourself

Make your day off feel a little more special by doing things that make you feel good. Taking a bath, enjoying a delicious snack, or taking the time to finish that unread book that has been sitting on your bedside table for 3 months. Even if you can’t spend the entire day doing what you love, dedicating an half hour to simple pleasures that make you smile can make such a difference in your overall mood and mindset.


Take a nap

Pretty self explanatory, but taking a nap helps to break up your day and allows you to get a little bit of shut-eye before you embark on the last part of your day. Taking a short nap has many benefits, including improved attention span, better stress management and a sense of being more present. Keep it to 20-30 minutes to get the optimal benefit.


Cook something delicious

You don’t have to tackle any Gordon Ramsay recipes, but making a delicious and hearty dinner can top off your day, and make you feel more fulfilled. Recipes such as casseroles, curries, and stir fries are the perfect nutritious meal to help you relax and to keep your belly full of goodness. 


Unwind to finish the day

Everyone has a different way of winding down for the night. You might like to sit in front of the TV watching Netflix, put a soothing face mask on, or sitting down with a book and a glass of your favourite wine. Whatever your wind-down activity may be, making sure you are relaxed at the end of the day sets the tone for the beginning of your work week.