A Day In The Life Of: Edna Swart

We spend a day with Edna Swart, designer, entrepreneur and the owner of ed&i swim and body.


My alarm goes off. Coffee and a quick scroll through my notifications to set up my day’s goals and to-dos. Up and off for a run followed by a gym session—I competed internationally in athletics, so running is my discipline and clears my head for the day.


Shower and beauty regime begins. It never takes me too long, but my skincare is super important to me. My morning face routine is simple. First, face scrub with Rock and Roll Suicide by Triumph & Disaster; tone with Chanel lotion douceur; vitamin C with Kiehl’s; and lastly, moisturise with Murad Hydration water gel. Before I get dressed, I lather my body with ed&i body ALWAYS for full day body hydration.


All set up for the day at my home office—the hustle begins once more! Emails, orders and distributors. Time is flying and so much to do—I love being my own boss.


Meeting with my business partners Harry and Mike to discuss the plan of attack for the next steps in scaling, partnerships, product expansion and strategy.


A quick catch up on emails before heading to my next meeting with my manufacturers of ed&i body. I’m deep into planning the next product for our body range, so perfecting and testing product with my team is very important.


Lunch with my best girlfriend Lyia—always so many laughs with this one. Today we dined at Mexico and I kept it simple with a ceviche salad.


Spending my afternoon going through my new products, testing it on myself, creating social media content, planning advertising material and deliveries with my social team.


A phone call from my publicist with a new opportunity—exciting things to come!


My partner Alex and I have dinner plans, so after a quick spruce up I head out to meet him. Tonight, we’re going to my favourite spot, Ezabu in Ponsonby.


A quick dry scrub with ed&i BEFORE, before washing it off in the shower. Then I lather my body with my AFTER body oil, which is very high in vitamin E, followed by ed&i ALWAYS moisturiser (highly recommend for super soft skin in the morning). My nighttime face routine (super important!)—another face scrub with Rock and Roll Suicide (I can’t get enough of this), tone and finished off with prescribed retinol cream.


In bed now, multi-tasking between replying to messages on Instagram and Facebook, and watching a new episode of Cold Case Files on Netflix before lights out!

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