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A Day in the Life of Samuel Levi

Married at First Sight breakout star & New Zealand Fashion Influencer of the year, Samuel Levi introduces us to his day to day lifestyle. If its not at the gym, a café or trying to fit in as much as he can in one day, he does like to laze on the couch and have alone time at points, and think of his next adventure. Be sure to follow Samuel Levi on Instagram at @_samuellevi

6 am

Uhhhh my alarm clock goes off, I generally lay there for about 15min then get up and start getting ready for the gym. I find if I don’t go to the gym or do some form of exercise, I have a crap day. 


7 am

You will normally find me at the gym doing a 30-45min session to get me going for the day. A healthy mind, a healthy life I say. I play an awesome playlist though spotify that gets me going for day, and bam the day has started.


8 am

I aim to have breakfast most mornings but at times I miss it. I know sad. If its not at a local café, I’ll make a simple serving of porridge to last me till lunch time, with a almond mocha to go! Can’t go wrong with a good coffee.


10 am

This is the time I allow myself to go through all my work emails, prioritise what is coming up, and do my one hours worth of life admin for the day. I normally check in on social media, see what is happening and keep up to date with the happenings around me. If I don’t have meetings with clients and brand partners, I will be liaising with them via phone and email, and working on upcoming ideas and pitching.


1 pm

You will generally find me out with a friend having a coffee, lunch and a general catch up I think it is so important to step outside of your busy lifestyle and find time for you to have a ramble with someone who will listen.


5 pm

Most times at 5pm, I am seriously sitting in the most horrendous Auckland traffic. It’s nothing exciting at all. I wish I could say something else haha. 


3 pm

I am always a planner, and such a go—getter. Every day, I search for opportunities to do in the weekend, and or when is my next Holiday and travel adventures. So, I allow myself each day to look into these. It makes me excited for what’s to come, and where am I off to next. I know right now, for the next 5 weekends, I am out of Auckland and traveling the country. 


6 pm

Most nights, its normally a event/launch I have been invited to attend. I try minimising this to the best I can—so if I’m not there, I’m literally in my comfy robe on the couch, enjoying a night in. Hard to do this sometimes.

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