Was the 39-hour journey to Florida worth it? With total certainly I can respond with ‘absolutely!’ It was 4am when my head finally hit the pillow in Palm Beach, Florida, and three hours later my alarm was buzzing. It was time to get up and get ready for my massive first day of the Tony Robbins live event, Unleash the Power Within.


Just 18 hours after waking, and in spite of the jetlag, I was in an unbelievably energised state. Not bad for someone who is often in bed by 8.30pm most nights! At 56, Robbins knows how to keep you engaged, inspired and in what he playfully describes as “peak state”.


When asked, “Why attend another Anthony Robbins event anyway?” my standard response is, “You need to be there to understand why.” This event, Unleash the Power, is four days long. You are totally immersed in the best personal coaching from the master himself whilst at the same time feeling as though you’re at a rock concert.


The energy of day one was out of this world. Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better we were surprised with a live appearance by the famous singer Pitbul who performed and also shared his personal testimony of how Robbins changed his life.


Without a doubt this was a magical moment for the 8000-plus attendees at this event.


Tony Robbins is not only a leader in delivering outstanding live seminars, he is often known as the founder of coaching.


This is why American Express have voted Robbins one of the ‘top six business leaders in the world’ to coach its entrepreneurial clients, and why when on a recent cover of Fortune magazine he was given the title of ‘The CEO Whisperer’.


This particular event, known in short as UPW, is where Robbins introduces you to his masterful tools and strategies on how to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Usher and Sir Anthony Hopkins have all attended these events, and openly shared their personal experiences.


Knowing that we have the ability to choose how we want to feel is one of Robbins’ key messages. Experiencing this is something you never forget when you fully grasp this notion. As Robbins says, “Gratitude for what you have is key. Trade your expectation for appreciation and your life changes in a heartbeat”.


He is a true believer that we can end our personal suffering by being 100% responsible for our lives. We decide that we are ‘more’ than what has happened to us. Our past does not equal our future, unless we choose to go there and remain there. He is often quoted as saying, “Once we decide what we want then our destiny is shaped”.


It is about choosing to live a beautiful life. After all, we are never too old to have a happy childhood.


After three days of total immersion and personal growth, when you don’t think there is anything more to learn, we are provided with another full day on how to create and experience ultimate physical health.


Robbins concludes by saying that the training never stops when you decide to live an extraordinary life. Once you have decided, then commitment and consistency are a key player in creating lasting change.


Knowing that we can experience joy for no good reason was a home hitter for me. It is there for us all if we want it.


But first, you decide, and join me in September in Sydney if you do!


Words: Tanya Unkovich