“A Very Happy Place” say The Poynton Retirement Village Residents

Celebrating their fifth year at Metlifecare’s The Poynton Retirement Village, Terry and Phyllis Huckle say the best part about life at The Poynton is the people they have met.


Making The Move

The couple previously lived in Unsworth Heights for two years, which is now just six kilometres from their two-bedroom apartment at The Poynton, where they moved in on 7 August 2014.


The location appealed to the couple because of its proximity to the bus station, hospital, and local shops and cafés nearby. The Huckles have lived all over New Zealand, and have moved 23 times, including a six-year stint in Australia, but still say Auckland is their favourite place.


Terry, 77, and Phyllis, 74, enjoy having their own independence but love being in an environment that offers plenty of opportunities to socialise with the other residents.


“It’s very hard to tell you what my best experience of living here is because I think there are so many good experiences you have when you live in a retirement village. I think meeting new friends is very important,” says Terry.


“We’ve made some lifelong friends with our neighbours and friends from groups,” adds Phyllis.


The couple say their daughter is thrilled that they are happy and safe at the village.



Keeping Busy

The couple enjoy a number of activities at the village including indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, croquet, rummikub and bridge, among many others.


Terry served on the residents’ committee for two years, as assistant chairperson, which he says was really interesting. He was able to go to the Metlifecare Chairpersons’ Conference, an experience that he says he would not have had living in his own private property.


“We’ve got people with such diverse backgrounds, it’s good to be able to mix with all kinds of people whereas, in your own private home, you wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Terry says.


Phyllis on the other hand, keeps herself busy reading.


“I don’t mix as much as Terry because I’m a bookworm, and I always have a pile of library books, but I find people very nice to meet and chat with. You can have your independence if you want to, you can mix with people if you want to, and that’s great,” she says.


A standout memory for the couple is the The Poynton Cocktail Party, where Phyllis helped host and Terry was on duty as bar manager, inventing the popular ‘Poynton Cocktail’—a hit with all the residents.


“The whole atmosphere was just lovely. Everybody just enjoyed it so much. It would have to be one of the best events we’ve ever had” says Phyllis.


A Thriving Community

Phyllis and Terry describe The Poynton as a lovely place to live, where they are able to take advantage of the abundance of activities and be part of a tight knit community of residents and staff.


“It’s a very happy place. I think it’s like one big happy family,” says Phyllis.


The couple explained the staff at The Poynton always go the extra mile: “The staff really make this place. You’ll find they are very genuine people,” says Terry.


No More Worries

No more worrying about who’s going to mow the lawns, is the guttering blocked, or does the house need painting? All those worries have gone. Somebody else has them when you live here.”