Africa Calls Again | House Of Travel Remuera

Visiting Africa is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your Life. But for some, one trip is not enough.


Christine Wynne-Jones, from House of Travel Remuera, was fortunate enough to return to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar in November. Here she shares some highlights.


It doesn’t matter how many times you travel to Africa, each occasion has something different and special to come explore.


In the Masai Mara, it was incredible seeing herds of snorting wildebeest and their accompanying buddies, the zebras. We also came across a special moment to remember while watching  a group of  giraffes  crossing  the Mara River. They came down to the river and tested the ground underneath, as well as the raging waters, for a safe place to cross. With their lanky legs, we thought they would be swept away by the rapids or fall on slippery rocks, so there was a great a sigh of relieve once they made it to the other side.


Squeezing into our small Cessna aircraft and flying just above the vast  Serengeti  is in itself quite an experience and always takes my breath away. We landed in the middle of nowhere. The safari started and we immediately see zebra and wildebeest . We were also in for a special treat when coming across a BBC filming crew. Not something you see every day!  It was great to stop and chat and hear a few things for the Kiwi photographer!


Our expert guide somehow spotted a female leopard scamper up a tree to her well-protected carcass, hidden high up and away from the hyenas and vultures. Her cubs were hiding in a bush, we knew she would come back down the tree to them, and stealthily she did.  To be able to see capture this on film was fantastic. Not long after we managed to get stuck in  a rather large pothole, but luckily, after careful manoeuvring, we were free  without having to get out of the Land Cruiser. Just as well!

It was precious to  come across a pride of 14 lions, and being so close in our protected  vehicle we could watch  every move. Mums and Dad napped (they do for up to 20 hours a day to conserve energy for the night when they are active), ignoring the antics of their young. The cubs played and teased one another, just like human kids. It was such fun to watch this playfulness.


Just as we are about to head back to camp, thinking that the day could not have been better, a large herd of elephants crossed in front of the vehicle. It was surprising how quiet they were considering the size of each animal, weighing anything from 3–7 tons.


It is a tearful time, leaving Africa. It is a special place and there is nowhere else like it in the world.


Contact Christine at Remuera House of Travel to help plan your African Adventure: christinewj@hot.co.nz or 09 522 3415