Alabaster Skin; Treating Your Skin Like Silk

Alabaster is a new cosmetics company tailored towards people with super-pale skin.  The brand’s signature tinted body lotion gives you instant, effortlessly glowing skin whilst healing skincare ingredients work in the background to improve your skin’s appearance.  The niche cosmetic brand offers both a cool-toned and a warm-toned style of their lotion.  The cool, pink-based shade is perfect for English-Rose complexions.  Meanwhile, the warm, yellow-based shade, flatters pale olive-toned skin. Both products create a dimensional, pearly glow for pale skin.  The lotions can cover redness on difficult skin spots and warm up excessive grey or sallow undertones.  Alabaster’s silky smooth lotion will give you a glamorous glow this summer with healthy, shimmering skin that is ready for anything the sunny rays may bring.  Thanks to Alabaster, it is now easy to not just be comfortable in your pale skin, but to fall in love with your new, dewy complexion.

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