Amy Lee Summers – A Day In The Life

Amy Lee was preparing to compete in the WBFF Gold Coast Pro Am show in October when she wrote this, which is one of the biggest women’s body building competitions in the world. Only her second ever body building competition, she competed in at the WBFF Worlds as an amateur athlete in Last Vegas in August for the first time. Incredibly, she took out first place, catapulting her to pro ranks and earning her pro card. This means she is now officially a professional athlete and can compete in any pro body building competition around the world.


Why stop there, she thought, so she decided to step it up and take on the challenge of competing for the WBFF Miss Australia Bikini Diva Pro crown. Known for their gruelling requirements, it takes many months of dieting and intense training to prepare as a competitor in such shows. A huge amount of dedication and self control is essential in ensuring success. Amy gives us a break down of her day below. 



My day starts by waking up, taking all my vitamins and supplements then straight into the gym for a 45 minute fasted cardio training session. Once I have completed my cardio I head home for breakfast which at the moment is 180g premium ground beef with 200g of broccoli. 


As part of working for myself, my day consists of doing a fair amount of work on my laptop. I spend my mornings catching up on emails, enquiries, jobs, invoices and social media updates. I am currently working on launching my own fitness app which will include everything needed for nutrition, exercise routines and very specialised technology which no other fitness app on the market offers. It is a very exciting project I have been working on for quite some time and I can’t wait to share it with people. 



Back at the gym starting with stretching and warming up the muscles. Then straight into a weight training session with my personal trainer Myra Rogers. At the moment I am focused on building my legs and glutes so we go through an intense, heavy leg and glute workout for 45 minutes. Some of the exercises I do include squats, leg presses, deadlifts, leg curls, leg extensions and lunges. 



Now time for my next meal which is 150g of chicken breast with 150g of kumara. I have this meal after training because it is my only carbohydrate meal of the day so it is important to have it after my most intense training as and helps with my muscle recovery. At the moment I am having no artificial sugars so just drinking several litres of water a day. At this time, I also take another dosage of vitamin C so one of the 1000mg sachets with my glutamine and BCAAs capsules. 



Usually in the afternoons I get my social media content done which includes taking photos and videos for Instagram contracts with brands and companies. This is also when I do my Youtube vlogs and sort through the files preparing them for Youtube video updates.  

Often my days are different which means on some days I have meetings, interviews, photoshoots and on other days I can take time out to get a sports massage with my therapist because when you are training as often as I am, your muscles get very tense and tight. Making sure I look after my body is critical for me it is a part of my brand and my career, so it is important to constantly meet its needs and not push myself over the edge without incorporate rest, recovery and rehabilitation. 




Meeting with app and tech developers and my graphic designer. Finishing all immediate tasks that need completing for the app such as content, write ups, colour schemes, apple store set up. I then have my afternoon snack which is 10 walnuts with water. 



I have Skype posing practice session with my coach Toby Harrison for the WBFF Gold Coast competition, followed by my next meal which is 180g of premium ground beef with 200g of green beans. 



This is the time were I prepare my dinner. At the moment I am having fish which I like to buy fresh every day or every second day from the supermarket. I cook 150g of white fish with 200g of pumpkin on its own with some chilli to add for flavour. 






Every evening I prepare my meals and snacks for the next morning, so when I wake up I can head straight out the door. I also prepare my social media posts and catch up on emails and any paperwork that needs to be completed. I also have my last meal at this time, which consists of four cooked egg whites also with a little bit of chilli. 

I usually like to spend my evenings with my partner and relax by having a spa so my muscles are able rest and recover. Throw in some Netflix and chill of course for the perfect way to relax. 



Sleep and recovery 


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