An Uplifting Experience

But, could your facial tissues do with some help moving north?! Threads may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Clinic 42 is excited to have finally found a thread product which makes the cut. This is technology we have been coveting at the practice for some time, but only recently have we  tried and tested a product we would be happy to have on ourselves! Mint threads are manufactured in Korea, and brought into New Zealand by one of our existing medical suppliers, Mondeal.


Threads are made from the same material as a surgical suture, but with a unique design of 3 dimensional helical barbs around the thread to enable targeted treatment of skin laxity. Through small insertion points at strategic locations on the face, the fine, barbed thread is tunnelled under the skin to traction and elevate the overlying soft tissues. 


As we age, there is displacement of tissue south on the face, and we lose the “triangle of youth”. This manifests as heaviness around the nose, mouth and jawline, creating Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines and Jowls. By placing a barbed strut underneath the skin in specific areas, we can minimise some of the fullness and descent which develops with advancing years. 


The threads allow us to reposition the overlying tissue, and recontour the face. This is through a dual mechanism of action—there is immediate lifting from the traction the thread places on the underlying tissue, and a volumizing process as the body dissolves and scars around the thread. Both of these lead to recontouring of the face, particularly in the lower third, where we see threads have their biggest role. 


Left: Model, Pre, Thread. Right: One Week Post Thread.


The threads themselves are absorbable, with the body typically having dissolved them by 6 months. Whilst the physical lifting capacity of the suture diminishes as it is absorbed, the complementary collagen stimulating properties of the suture kick-in, providing revolumization that permits sustained recontouring of the treated area for at least 12 months following placement. 


The procedure tends to be well tolerated with small amounts of local anaesthetic administered at the entry points only. The procedure takes approximately an hour, depending on the number of threads required on each side of the face. The results are evident immediately, and the recovery time is minimal. 


If you fancy a freshen up, and would like to literally move your facial skin north for the summer, please book a consultation with one of the Doctors at Clinic 42 to discuss your concerns. We pride ourselves on personalised treatments, and can advise you on the most appropriate approach to help you be the best you.


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