Andrew Cox Interiors Exhibition

Exhibition: 16-22 September
Shop 4D, Ponsonby Central
136-146 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby


As an interior designer, I have always used colour in my work, add to that structure, space, texture, and form, and you’ll discover the eclectic outcomes of my projects.


Besides design I have also enjoyed creating artwork similarly varied, I find myself going off on tangents at any moment, a lot of them up blind alleys. Sometimes I make it back and can appreciate what I’ve achieved.


A few years ago I started buying vintage Meccano on Amazon and eBay, creating three-dimensional abstract sculpture. I loved the results, however, I also wanted to create something else, work that may have broader appeal. So I started exploring the possibilities of upscaling the Meccano up from 1.1 to other sizes. I started drawing and painting outlines until I arrived at a 6:1 scale. This allowed me to realise a new medium to work with, overlapping metal strips with cutouts, timber to hold them to the wall, and with bright paint colours (of course!).


The resulting artwork is set off by 25mm creating shadows that add to the rhythm of the work. For the exhibition I’ve created 12 pieces, each of them different, each of them conjuring up different interpretations and possibilities of what they represent. I look forward to meeting you at the show.


021 132 4881  /  andrewcoxinteriors.com