Liquid Reflection

Anna Stichbury | Liquid Reflections

Parnell Gallery

28 March – 11 April

Exhibition Preview

Tuesday 28 March, 5:30pm


Showing soon at Parnell Gallery, a new body of work from Anna Stichbury comprises a fresh mix of seascapes and nudes.


In her abstract pieces, the artist’s love of the ocean is reiterated via gorgeous, watery brush strokes. Horizon lines almost disappear in the beautiful expansive blues of this series, as seen in ‘Liquid Reflection’. The nearer details, textures and movement that form atmosphere are now the focus of the work. Thus it is an immersion, or feeling of a place rather than a view, which is evoked


Anna has further explored her practice by experimenting with the physical and visual variation, ebb and flow of the materials themselves, and by playing with scale and construction of work. New elements are brought in, including ‘actual elements’ such as black sand from our beautiful beaches in ‘Across the Liquid Blue’. Unprimed canvas, board, charcoal and pastel further contribute to denote a tactile, almost visceral expression of the artist’s experience of time and place.



A new line of visual inquiry through the nude is initiated with stunning gold, black and monochromatic tones. These pieces link to Anna’s larger abstracts through the storytelling of mood, emotion, and movement of materials. Anna is inspired by the “beautiful, imperfect and elegant lines that the body offers… I have even left the canvas ‘nude’ and un-primed to give it a raw and intimate feel, and to allow the lovely warm texture of the cotton cloth to be admired”. These dynamic new works promise a rich addition to Anna’s ouvre.


Born in 1974 and with a background in textiles and design, Anna has held solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia and her work is held in collections both here and internationally. She has been showing successfully with Parnell Gallery for 16 years.



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