Annabelle’s Kimono

Annabelle’s is giving away 10 kimonos to our lucky readers. Vibrant in colour and luxuriously soft and light weight. Made of 100% cotton, this kimono is perfect for lounging around at home. annabelles.nz


To get your very own kimono, comment below what activities you have being doing during lockdown to keep yourself busy.

  1. I’ve been Baking and cleaning more than usual, while also working home and becoming a part time teacher for the kids (thank God for teachers)
    Tried my hand at Bread, Jam, preserving and pickling.

    1. Been doing some video physio consults, teaching free community virtual Pilates a couple times a week, continue to work with my breast cancer rehab ladies, throw in some feijoa crumble, banana loaf, Apple muffins, curries & wine tasting and before you know it, we’ll be let out in the big bad world. Enjoying the yummy recipes in Verve 😉

    2. Cooking cooking and more cooking for family, meals on wheels to elderly, cleaning my oven and gardening, best part has been sorting out photo albums, finally finished by daughter baby one, she now 24 lol bad mother. Just to have this little break and not plan has been wonderful

  2. I’ve cleaned all my windows, put lots of stuffed toys in my front windows, tidied my garden and done lots of knitting for my great-grandbabies! 🙂

    1. During lockdown I’ve been mowing lawns, gardening, baking, making lots of healthy and different meals trying out new recipes, plus lots of walking and a bit of cycling.

  3. Every day walking somewhere I haven’t been ..even if it’s just a street I usually walk past rather than going down it

  4. I’ve been beach walking every day as lucky to have a beach nearby. Online Pilates and baking. Best part is to enjoy the PAUSE!………

  5. Yoga, walking kms in different directiins, baking, sewing, sorting, gardening, zooming and now working!! Busy days!

  6. I’ve been trying to stay connected to my naturopathic clients who are exeriencing anxiety from this self isolation time.
    Also doing my 90 day Kundalini yoga practice which is uplifting and calming for body and soul.

  7. During this rāhui we’ve been juggling lockdown as a teacher, twin home schooling, getting back to basics with cooking, baking, preserving, supporting the mental health of my ex-military husband and treasuring spending more time together as a family. Thanks verve for the all the inspiration over the past month!

  8. Way more baking & cooking with my son who is at home in our bubble ( ironically training to be a commercial pilot at the moment!! 😞🤷🏽‍♀️) he’s such a good cook! So have been enjoying the fruits of his kitchen skills but then going for walks in the country (where we live) & stopping to smell the roses way more than normal in this beautiful country of ours!

  9. Over this period I have been working full-time as I work in admin at a Public Hospital. I am looking forward
    to having a holiday soon, so would just love to relax with a beautiful Kimono like this. I have still managed
    to go for plenty of walks in the sunshine which has been my way of relaxing after work.
    Thank you.

  10. Making new acquaintances in supermarket queues. I love how supportive and friendly everyone is to each other. Lockdown has united us all and re-ignited neighbourly spirit!

  11. Potting up self sown seedlings in my garden and leaving at the gate for passers by. Our street is like grand central so many out walking, we are spread out along the road and footpaths, all folk respectful of 2 metre distancing. With the urge to bake we need the extra exercise. . .

  12. Lots of squeezing work around walking the dog, baking, washing, cleaning and generally trying to enjoy the unexpected opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

  13. My home is a temple!
    Working full time in addition to painting, cleaning, gardening, listening to great music, face time with friends and family…early morning walks and after work hill climbs 🌸

  14. I’m helping at healthline, so pretty busy but also taking advantage of opportunity of slower pace to springclean, walk, spendtime with kids and hubby, watch movies, cook/bake, started a vegie garden, pick flowers for house, enjoy outside

  15. I’ve been working every day as an essential service looking after your four legged friends and yes, it’s been very busy so would love to lounge around in a kimono when lockdown is over and we can work more normal hours 🙂

  16. Looks so pretty 😀 .. and been temp working only 2 days a week (essential worker) and sometimes off for a week or so on and off… and pretty much just essential grocery shopped and walked around the odd time and the rest was inside just netflix / internet and eating lol

  17. I’ve been baking, eating the baking ha. Going for bike rides -connecting more to my inner self instead of always rushing around. Hope everyone is keeping well!

  18. We have been taking the boys for a run/bike ride or explore through the Botanical Gardens that are at the end of our street. Time in nature has been good for the body and soul.

  19. Lots of knitting for the local Plunket and Auckland City Mission Womens division, so far 2 cot blankets and 2 jumpers with beanies.

  20. I’m a teacher so preparing for the start of term and then working online with my students has kept me plenty busy enough 🙂

  21. Lots of squeezing work around baking, washing, cleaning and generally trying to enjoy the unexpected opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

  22. I’ve been wearing my current dressing gown to death! But haven’t stooped as low as leaving the house in it…yet.

  23. I have been baking (and eating 🤗), gardening 🌹☘, contacting people who I know are living alone, taking a daily walk, listening to podcasts, updating my online passwords, annoying my daughters who are supervising their childrens’ schoolwork (payback 😂🤣) …. oh, did I mention – eating!!!

  24. Contemplating life, the universe, and how different Queenstown’s going to look post-lockdown. Oh and baked first ever sourdough loaf, way too many cakes, learned to love Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and worked on sending eldest daughter back to Uni with way more life skills!!

  25. Working full time from home, going for walks, yoga, HIIT workouts, baking and spending too much time watching Netflix

  26. Walked the dog, washed the dog, groomed the dog. Did physio in the shower, in the bedroom and in the loo. Did a lot of work for my voluntary society and a minimal amount of work for pay, did jig-saws, and learned more about tech apps than i have in years!

  27. Read books to my new grand-daughter on facetime – her mummy would love a kimono for breastfeeding and Lucy would love the print!

  28. I am a mum of 4 boys under 13, so keeping them fed and school-work progressing is a full-time job on its own! We do include lots of bike rides and fitness sessions also.

  29. Networking with those people with disabilities needing help, Helping the next door neighbors (new immigrants) with understanding school lessons and learning the road code so Mum can sit the test, and trying to sort out the boxes of photos my Mum left when she recently passed.

  30. I’ve been teaching my son about gardening and doing daily walks around One Tree Hill with my family. So grateful for my beautiful family at this time.

  31. Walks along Awatapu Lagoon, Whakatane, learning a new skill of how many delicious meals I can make, some of which I have put in my freezer for a later day, and spending time with my 19 year old & 8 year old cats..

  32. Playing chess and basket ball with the teenagers – they are far better than I am. Walking the dog. Digging holes to plant trees I can hopefully get when out of lockdown. Eating a lot.

  33. Have been working shift work facing the public. Looking forward to coming out of Covid so I can relax at my favourite coffee shop for breakfast.

  34. Being in the “vunerable ” age group have been very much confined to the boundry of my home. However apart from a daily dose of walking closeby I have been using the time to do some much needed cleaning/tidying/gardening. A bonus has been an opportunity to listen to music.

  35. I’ve been running and doing online F45 classes, homeschooling my kids and trying out the free Les Mills workouts on TVNZ also

  36. I have been working from home, zooming into staff meetings three times a week (ugh!), knitted a pullover, done some sewing and lots of wup calls to my mom and my daughter, whom I miss very much. The lockup is getting to me now, I need some human contact!

  37. I’ve been doing projects on the car, housework, picking up walnuts, making Caramilk truffles, watching movies on Netflix and a bit of gaming.

  38. I have been walking the dog, running, exercising, organising, completing tons of projects that I thought would never get done, working, reading, volunteering, keeping a sense of humour, and doing my part to to stay safe and save lives,

  39. Work has kept me pretty busy, to be honest. I’m lucky enough to be able to do my work remotely from home and it’s actually a pretty good activity in itself at the moment as it keeps me occupied and still in some sort of a routine. Instead of doing work in my PJs though (lol), I’d love to be able to wear this beautiful, soft-looking kimono! It looks so comfortable and easy to wear and it’s just gorgeous! Anyway, I digress… Aside from full-time work, I’ve been baking and home cooking a bit more, playing board games with my daughter, spending more time tending to my garden, homeschooling, organising my home (I’ve seen a lot more of it than usual in the past month!) and Skyping friends and family. In fact, where is all this ‘extra time’ we were supposed to be getting under lockdown? Haha. I’ve probably felt even busier than usual, but I’m looking forward to getting out and about more when restrictions ease a bit.

  40. I am working but with less hours so I have taken to opportunity to clean out cupboards ….and in the process found appliances I didn’t realise I had! I have baked and cooked different types of meals, painted my decks and done gardening and lawns and gone for daily walks, taking photos of my wandering sand the sights I come across each day. Even the wardrobe and draws have had a massive cleanout 😊

  41. I’ve been with my 12 week old son, playing, feeding, bonding and just generally appreciating being in his wonderful company. In my spare time ive also been getting out and about running, doing home gym work outs and baking!

  42. I’d like to say I’ve been achieving life-changing things, but….I’ve been mostly making food, exercising and wrangling children! The house is partially de-cluttered, the garden is partially weeded and the books have been partially read, too.

  43. Iv been using my foot spa while watching Netflix in the evenings and during the day, Iv been going out on walks, trying to sell my coconut 🥥 bowls, been looking through my sketch books 📚 and cleaning. Will be photoshopping a restaurant 🍴 I designed. Still in progress

  44. I’m staying in a friends bach on Coromandel because I rented my home out while I was travelling. The best laid plans and all that jazz… I know I’m really lucky to be in this slice of paradise, I could be stuck in a hotel room in a country whose language I don’t understand! First, through this isolation I’ve greatly appreciated my friends and family, checking in every day or two, knowing I’m alone in a different region in a different house just with the contents of my suitcase. It’s easy for them with their gardens and tool sheds and full pantries. Second, the lockdown has reminded me of one of my favorite expressions ‘we’re human beings not human doings’ so I’ve challenged myself to look at things differently and to appreciate the beauty of each day – in pine cones I’ve collected for the fire, the patterns in the shifting sands after a high tide, each tree and the life it shelters, the wonder of tuis singing and the colors in a wild peacock. I’m grateful for the roof over my head. I’m grateful I can go for another walk on the beach at any time of the day or night. I’m grateful for today’s technology – wifi which instantly connects me. To people, to online mags like Verve with interesting articles and great prizes to win, to radio for the 1pm daily Covid fix, TV and Spotify. I started a music challenge with friends each day one of us choosing an artist / album to share. I pulled a rusty bicycle out of the shed and pretended I wasn’t so rusty at riding (it’s been years since I rode a bike)! I’m learning heaps, including how to be gratedul for everything and to be patient. And after this period of reflection I’m grateful to know I have a home (with a garden and a shed) and the means to stock up my pantry, to have a change of clothes. Who knows, maybe a new kimono to wear?

  45. I have been doing lots of baking (bread, bagels, pretzels and brownies) and the doing lots of walking to offset said baking!! I have also been working online and helping with my girls distance learning.

  46. I’ve been ringing friends, organising the pantry. Helping my son with his school work. Practising teaching online before I actually had to, reading books I have not had the time for before and trying to get credits and refunds for travel that was meant to happen over Easter!!! Now dreaming of where I’d love to travel to within NZ when the time comes!

  47. My family and friends have been setting each other a range of fun challenges to complete. Very entertaining and has really brought us together.

  48. My partner has been creating bottle messages to share with the nation every day. Incredible how many people have been tuning into them.

  49. Fairly busy, extra busy working life, addition of home schooling then otherwise keeping people clean, fed and clothed in clean things!

  50. With working full time from home, helping my 2 daughters with home schooling, along with dealing with marital problems during lockdown. I am in need of a pick me up, I would love to win this fantastic prize. This is something just for me that I would wear with pride knowing that I can beat all the challenges thrown at me and be able to come out the other side still smiling.

  51. I have been an essential worker working in the Retirement/Carehome industry and enjoying the extra time spent with residents over stat holidays and early evenings as we surprise them a couple of times a week with deliveries of baking, happy hours & singing groups as they enjoy from the safety of theiir front doors. As a bubble of 1, I have been enjoying longer & newer walks around my suburb in the weekends, spring cleaning my house and gardens and talking every day to my elderly parents in lockdown in the Bay of Plenty who I haven’t seen for the longest time of our lives.

  52. I’ve been baking seed bread (the life changing loaf)and irish soda bread. working (teleconsults have been going well!) and doing as much professional development as I can. Harvesting fruit from my orchard and trying out new recipes – feijoa loaf, feijoa slice, and feijoa fizz! Happy hour on Houseparty with my Mum & Sister every night has been a highlight – usually I’m still at work!

  53. Lots of cooking and gardening while working from home, but I’ve also started refinishing a coffee table I thrifted last year.

  54. So many of these comments are relatable. I’ve been walking, giving myself projects and being open to new things such as yoyo, oil painting, crash bandicoot, new workout websites

  55. I’ve been breathing.
    Going into lockdown was the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. Work, family, friends. There was no time to catch your breath.
    Now NZ has come together to fight this badass virus and I’m relieved. It’s really made me remember what’s important. Time with the humans you love.

  56. We have been trying to home school, we have gone for walks, played board games, baked and watched movies. We have been trying to keep the kids busy to reduce their boredom and to stop them missing their school friends so much!

  57. So far have done some painting, made little jewellery dishes for my friends from air-dry clay and done an online floristry course! I don’t mind being locked in too much!

  58. Wheelbarrowing loads of top soil (delivered before lockdown) to the garden, getting up on the roof to clear leaves and much from the roof and spraying it down; oh, and walking…I usually hike weekends but with all this free time (and with a bubble near a massive park with countless bush trails), I’ve clocked up ridiculous miles on foot and so many great photos.

  59. In between trying to learn a host of school subjects to help my son(!) I’ve been gardening, going for a daily walk and watching old re-runs of reality television.

  60. I’ve been baking and eating lots – something I really enjoy! Then I’ve been feeling guilty that I’m putting on weight so I drag my husband out for a daily walk with me most days. All in all though, I’ve enjoyed the slow pace of life and I feel the strict lockdown has brought out the humanity in people. There are people on my street that never even smiled at me before the lockdown and now they shout out hello and ask after my wellbeing.

  61. I’ve been doing what most have been – baking bread, cooking those longer meals we don’t normally have time for, upping my yoga game, exercising with my house mates, playing games and STILL working 9-5 Mon to Fri. I’m trying to make the most out of a weird situation.

  62. Working, heaps of exercise, and volunteering 3 mornings a week at my local dog shelter (normally i do just one, so i’ve been getting out more!), walking my dog lots, and talking to my family online.

  63. Cooking and eating way too much, puppy training and enjoying the time with my family. Also on demand bingeing… lock me down forever.

  64. I have been baking and dancing at home like a mad woman keeping myself active where no one can see me do my crazy moves .. keep the cardio going and feeding the family too

  65. I have been continuing my study. I am a student midwife and have had to continue with assignments and even exams during this lockdown period

  66. I got married and moved home from my O.E., if those count as activities! I’m currently doing two weeks government managed isolation where my regular activities include reading, drinking wine and just watching the seas which I’ve so missed!

  67. I’ve been doing the usual reading, cooking, cleaning, washing, working, mowing the lawns and gardening. I have also managed to go on plenty of walks and tried a number of You Tube fitness workouts.

  68. To keep myself busy I have been painting the outside of my house and making preserves with the fruit from our trees!

  69. I’ve been spending plenty of time getting to play “home school teacher” to my three young boys (one primary, one intermediate and one secondary). It’s a privilege to be in this position and see what the lads learn in detail. We have also managed to complete lots of Scout badges by cooking and camping and science experiments…

  70. Aside from working remotely (oh the joys of Zoom team meetings 5 days a week(!)), I have been catching up with friends outside my bubble online, baking (fresh bread, hot cross buns, Anzac biscuits, every cake in the recipe book etc etc), learning how to make dim sum and having Yum Char sessions in my bubble, taking daily walks to walk off said Yum Char and baking, digging out the veggie patch to plant seedlings and starting a compost bin, watching far too much Netflix (Tiger King anyone?), spring cleaning, sewing up loose buttons and hemming hems, reading books on my to be read pile, and trying to master a few Debussy pieces on the piano (the operative words there being “trying to”). Kia kaha everyone, we will get through this! 🙂

  71. I’ve been looking after my mum who has dementia and is undergoing chemo, as well as schooling my gifted son….help!

  72. My husband and I have been going on daily walks in our local area. It has been so relaxing as well as a good way to walk off all the extra weight from eating all the great recipes we have been trying out each day.

  73. Experimenting with new recipes ✅Craft projects & science experiments with my 5yr old ✅ Home based school for my 5yr old ✅ Walking/running/riding ✅ Cleaning ✅ Organising ✅ Gardening ✅Netflix/movies ✅ Face-timing with loved ones ✅

  74. Hi I have been in a bubble with my grandson and daughter, helping with dinners, home baking, taking walks, enjoying time with them.

  75. To keep myself from losing my mind I have been knitting beanies and jumpers, baking, gardening, walking and biking with my hubby and baby boy.

  76. Other than watching loads of movies and tv shows, I’ve been washing windows, clearing out the wardrobe, cooking from scratch and cardmaking.

  77. Working from home, home-schooling two young boys, afternoon runs/bike rides through the nearby Botanical Gardens, baking, cooking, cleaning, once a week grocery shopping for 3 households and I can tell you, it hasn’t had a moment for boredom. But it has been wonderful to be with our family and being able to help others.

  78. I’ve been making a message out of bottles every day to inspire and entertain friends and family

  79. So much baking with my son. I haven’t baked in 20 years so it has been a delight to learn again with him.

  80. I have been working still, from Level 4…. so on my days off I have been rearranging furniture, doing a lot more baking with my 4yo and doing way more walking than I used to!

  81. I have been working from home, now online education delivery instead of in person – SO different and SO much work, but I am glad I still have a job. I have also stated to bake again, to my husband’s delight, and extended my yoga regime, as I can’t go to the gym at the moment.

  82. Hi, I hope everyone is well and staying safe in this difficult time and trying to figure out what to do next? I’m trying to stay positive and keep safe and stick to the rules so we can get to a bit of normality soon. Be good, stay safe, and keep positive and wait for the day we can all be together again. 😄

  83. I finally got around to throwing out my ex partners clothes and things he had left behind. I borrowed a Friends wheelie bin and filled them two weeks in a row. I couldn’t get rid of them before even though friends had offered to help, it reminded me That I am a good person and deserve better. I have peace and closure. My bubble is truely clean

  84. Excersising, cooking and plenty of arts and crafts such as diamond dotz, colouring in, counted cross-stitch, self-teaching the technique of water colour pencils and connecting with my partner on a deeper level.

  85. As an full time essential worker with 2 primary school kids at home. I have been flat out working and home schooling – its been very busy and I am very jealous of all those who have been getting various jobs caught up with around the house. As my place has definately not had any jobs completed and if anything looks like a bomb has gone off here!!

  86. Still working fulltime, and schooling kids (13, 10 & 8), along teaching kids to bake, not the baking we used to do before but those basic concepts and what they look like, feel like, gardening: how to replenish and condition soil and how to clean things properly like bathrooms and ovens – ah yes lockdown 2020 has be awesome for preparing them for leaving home – I still have time to teach them car maintenance: changing oil and tyres:)

  87. I have learnt so many new recipes. It has been amazing being a part of the community pages and groups and sharing hints and tips for lockdown – from local news, to cooking tips, and even donating unwanted items to those in need

  88. I’ve taught myself to knit – which has been a mixture of triumph and disaster. Will be keeping the scarf and forcing my poor eldest to wear it as a memory!! 😂

  89. Walking, running, baking, reading lots, working through from home and enjoying time with tm family.

  90. I’ve been baking, lots of walking the dog, decluttering wardrobe, reading and generally relaxing.

  91. As a cancer patient I have been spending the lockdown at home and not interacting with anyone from outside our bubble. What I have been doing is a bit of reading, talking to friends on social media, phoning and texting mum and dad in Australia, have also done a bit of baking cakes and bread and of course the dreaded household chores. I would very much love to win one of these Kimono’s as I would love to give it to my mum.

  92. Entertaining and teaching my 16 month old toddler and helping my 72 year old mother with language stroke therapy.

  93. I have been isolating in Glenorchy with my parents, and have been baking lots, knitting (2 hats and a scarf), sewing (an eye-mask for mother’s day), exercising; walking alone and with mum and on the stationary bike (a combined distance of over 520kms), writing letters and communicating with family and friends.

  94. Doing a lot more baking, exercising, gardening and other jobs around the house then I normally would plus doing a little bit of paid work for my job and harassing kids to do their school work.

  95. Did a big clean of my study room, baking, trying to learn russian, make my own shampoo, applied for jobs as I feel like my role was coming to an end (turns out I was right), sell surplus items and keep myself sane by connecting with friends and my community via social media. Oh, I was trying to keep up with the 1 pm COVID announcements plus trying to exercise at set times daily.

  96. Lots and lots of hiking through our local bush and hills with 2 active boys (11 and 12), and Toru, the 3 legged fox terrier. That and baking have been our lockdown mainstays!

  97. Sleeping in, lounging around, decluttering and general outdoor/indoor chores around the home, feels good!!

  98. I had my second child during lockdown. He was 5 weeks earlier than expected so have had to spend some time in hospital. All is well now and we’re at home learning his routine and enjoying time together.

  99. Baking, cooking, organising, arts and crafts with/for the kiddo, decorating a space corner for kiddo’s birthday.

  100. Working! Work has been way more intense @ home than it ever was in the office. Fitting in some cycle rides, walks as well as a lot more (than usual) online supermarket shopping for my family as well as my elderly father-in-law. No time for extra movie-watching or baking like most other lockdowners. 🙁

  101. I work in hospital…..so I was triaging patients and transferring them to the correct department and the correct doctor.Didn’t got a single day off during lickdown except for some weekends whike I was working on some weekends as well.All shoos were also closed so I need something now to pamper myself with.

  102. I have been doing (and eating) lots of baking. Also have learned how to make my own paints and become a wee bit of a crafty Mum, much to my children’s delight as I was lucky enough to only have to work very little in level 4.

  103. Baking new dinners and watching tv, planting veges from seed and spending time with my kids(cant escape them!)

  104. I hate housework so after worrying my garden to within an inch of any life form, I gathered up all the wee bits of left over wool and knitted some very colourful beanies for a few local kiddies…and the rest for hospice…17 and going strong!!

  105. I have been taking phycology classes online so I can better understand the human brain and out development! Very interesting stuff.

  106. I spent lockdown entertaining my busy little toddler, who is actually half Japanese. I would LOVE a Kimono to wear at home & reflect her mixed culture 😉

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