Anti-aging & fat reduction solution with remarkable results

Unfortunately, ageing is an inevitable fact of life and the clock cannot be stopped entirely, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways that its effects on the body can be lessened and the clock paused. The revolutionary TriLipo treatment is now available at Finesse Face and Body Clinic in Remuera, who are the first company in New Zealand to use the TriLipo Treatment.  Finesse Face and Body Clinic offers a new, fast and completely non-invasive fat-eliminating treatment which can be used to treat a wide variety of different areas of concern on both the face and body.


What is TriLipo?

TriLipo works by using a singular applicator to target an area to release, remove and reshape tissue across the body without the need for multiple devices or complicated treatment protocols and recovery periods. The applicator has a dual purpose: It first presses and heats the skin from the outside, and secondly, sends a pulse through muscle tissue, to the top layer of fat under the skin. “Radio frequency heats the skin to the right temperature releasing fat from the cells and accelerating the natural metabolic process to remove and detoxify the body,” says Sue Crake, owner, Finesse Face and Body Clinic.  This makes for a safe, effective and easily customisable method of skin tightening and shaping by accelerating the natural process of breaking down fat cells, resulting in decreased cellulite and stimulating the generation of collagen production.



What to expect?

Treatment is fast – around 20-30 minutes per area.

You will experience some heat and redness, but treatment is not painful.

Some results and smoothing are visible immediately after the first treatment.

On average 4-8 treatments are required per area.

Maintenance treatments – 1 per area every 4 months recommended.

Body treatments $200 – $250 per body area – quote on consultation.

Face and neck treatment (combined) $250 – quote on consultation.



Immediate visible results

Wrinkle reduction & skin tightening

Lifting, toning & firming

Minimisation of acne scars

Overall skin complexion improvement


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