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Brain Food: Apps for Education

A variety of recent and established apps have the ability to enhance all levels of education, from learning a new language to taking handwritten notes to sign permission on slips online. After a bit of research, we discovered some of the best, most downloaded apps that the App Store has to offer. These four apps are as fun as they are functional!



LOOP makes life simple by helping you discover all the best family fun in seconds. LOOP allows you to find, book, save and even pay for events and activities that are perfectly suited to your children. Less time searching and more time finding the fun.


A number of scientific studies have proven that there is a link between writing by hand and the ability to remember content. However, in an increasingly digital world, it can be preferable to access your notes on your computer or tablet. Notability is a note-taking app perfect for teachers, students and professional use. 

It can also be used to annotate documents and photos, record lectures, sketch ideas and more. iCloud ensures that all notes are up-to-date and synced. It’s a perfect app for those who prefer taking notes by hand but don’t want to waste paper or lose track of notebooks. This app is available across all iOS platforms but seems to work particularly well with the iPad and Apple Pencil combination.


Do you want to learn a new language in your spare time or need additional help in a foreign language class? Duolingo is a free app that offers English-speakers courses in over 30 different languages. The app uses lessons, often in game format, to deliver a fun and personal language experience to users. 

Duolingo tracks your progress and encourages you to keep learning with rewards. Instead of just focusing on reading, lessons include writing, speaking and listening to help learn languages from all levels. If you already have experience in a language but want to learn more, you can take an entrance test to place you at the correct starting level.


This app has already been around for a decade and has used that time to prove itself as one of the best study platforms available. Quizlet, also available in website form, offers over 300 million study sets, making it easy to find and access free study materials for nearly all subjects and levels. Students can revise by creating their own flashcard sets or finding one that already has the information they need. Collaborate with your classmates to get the best notes and study with flashcards, games and more.


Words – claire scott