Book Shelf | May 2018

Poems for a World Gone to Sh*t Quercus $30

This is a collection of famous and not so famous poems themed for those upsetting times in life. The times you or others just need a little encouragement or consolation. Apart from the clever title the collection will work for young or old male or female and it’s an appropriate way to show you care in moments of modern madness.Just sitting and reading two or three poems will bring calm and perspective.


The Burning Chambers Kate Mosse $35

A huge excitement in the publishing and reading world as Kate Mosse’s new masterpiece hits the bookshelves. First in a new trilogy it sets the scene for a storyline that will bring the reader from medieval France and the religious wars to modern times and the conflicts that continue to take place around the world. Kate lives in Carcassonne where the book is set and she has done a remarkable research to bring history alive and wrap her novel in an authentic setting peopled with characters who will stay with you long after you have read the book.



Varina Charles Frazier $35

Famous for his bestselling book Cold Mountain it has been many years since Charles Frazier has written a novel and now we can sit and read Varina, which is another story of the American Civil War but this time through the eyes of a woman. Varina Howell marries for security and money but her husband is asked to take control of the Confederacy which means their lives are in turmoil. Varina escapes to the southern states but there is a price on her head and north fights south to the very death. Literary and enlightening you know you are in the presence of a good writer in Charles Frazier. Perfect for bookclubs.


Words: Doris Mousdale

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