Book Shelf | April 2018

Educated, Tara Westover: $38

Educated is a personal memoir of growing up in a large Mormon family in Idaho. Tara tells how she never went to school, but helped on the farm doing hard, dangerous manual work from a very early age. She explains how her strong minded father ruled the family. Never attending school Tara grows up and gets a place at Brigham Young University and goes on to Cambridge to further her studies. It is NOT a misery memoir. It is about a different way of living and how you don’t realise you are different until you mix in the wider circles of civilisation. Well written and engrossing reading Tara Westover will be at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival in May. Book your ticket as soon as you can.


Tangerine, Christine Mangan: $35 

I knew I would like this book the moment I picked it up. It oozes style, suspense, time and place. Set in Morocco in the mid-1950s Alice and her husband meet up with Lucy who used to be close to Alice.  Lucy and Alice have been estranged for a year or more after an accident back home in America.  As Alice begins again to fall under the control of her supposed friend, darker memories resurface. Edge of the seat reading and could make for a very lively bookclub meeting as you discuss false and controlling friendship. Read with a large long glass of Aperol and the last of the summer sun.


12 Rules For Life, Jordan B Peterson: $55

Number one around the world, Jordan Peterson’s practical principles for how to live a more meaningful life have certainly struck a chord with those who feel modern life has become a mire of wrong choices. Using case histories from his clinical practice and personal life, Peterson explains and leads you on an intellectual journey and helps you restore order and definition in your life. Thought-provoking and a valuable read.


Look What You Made Me Do, Helen Walmsley-Johnson: $38

Helen was listening to The Archers on radio and realised that the controversial storyline that was making headlines in the press was a reflection of her own abusive relationship. She managed to extricate herself and start life anew only to find herself in a similar abusive situation. Look What You Made Me Do is her story of how a clever professional woman in a high powered job fell into the downward spiral that is coercive abuse. It is a brave, gruelling but ultimately uplifting read.


Words: Doris Mousdale
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