Are You A Sexy Sexagenarian?

Sex As A Sexagenarian Latin: Of The Age Between 60 and 70 Years Old


I feel like I have been lied to! I feel many of us may have been given mixed messages about sex in the prime years of our lives, particularly in long-term relationships. 


Maybe it was conditioning from society in general, or perhaps my parents, or even the medical fraternity, or the many well-meaning books I have read about ageing, relationships, hormones and fading libidos. 


Telling me that the way I am feeling is just because of my age. This is what can happen in your fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond. That it is normal to be dry in your vagina or that your partner may have trouble with his erection. You have less hormones than you had in your youth so of course your libido will wane. Take this pill, use this cream. Practise mindfulness. Go on date nights. Get creative! Have fun together! The list goes on!


And maybe many of these facts about how we are feeling are true. Frankly it feels way too hard, so we either give up or settle for less. But what if you want to feel like you did in your twenties or whatever time you remember feeling your best sexually (and maybe that wasn’t your twenties!)?


Here are questions that we often ask ourselves:

  • What if you want more than vanilla obligatory marital sex? 
  • What if you want to feel alive and powerful and turned on to life?
  • What if you want to feel more in love with your partner. 



  • What if you also feel scared that he might reject you?
  • What if you feel frightened of feeling that instinctively true part of you?


What has changed my sex life from normal every day to orgasmic loving and long lasting is I have learnt transformative practices to feel pleasure and to get in touch with and re-awaken a part of myself that may have got shut down along the way, so I can communicate this lovingly and honestly with my partner. 


And now we can move together slowly, and sometimes fast, playfully, laughing and sometimes crying along the way. Oh, and did I mention experimenting and making loud sounds sometimes too!


I am sure my hormone levels have not changed, or maybe they have! But I certainly feel the creative juices alive in my body again!


Welcome back to your wild orgasmic self! Hello loving, orgasmic, pleasurable sex… at any age really!


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