Are You Looking For The Best Way To Tackle Your Sleep Challenges?

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in understanding the importance of sleep and its impact on every aspect of our health.


Data shows that up to 47 percent of Kiwis experience debilitating insomnia at any one time. Many people are self-prescribing based on what they have read on the internet or recommendations from a friend. This can be helpful in some cases, but there usually are several factors contributing to bad sleep that need to be identified and addressed simultaneously and self-prescribing can be a costly and largely ineffective approach.



A solid approach requires an intricate understanding of sleep, as well as the need to address root causes and other health conditions that may be contributing to sleeplessness. The major benefit of a professionally facilitated sleep and health strategy is that you not only improve your sleep but also improve your overall health and vitality which can further positively impact on other areas of your life.


  • I heard that magnesium and melatonin are good for sleep, I will just try these. If they don’t work I probably need more and will just get stronger ones.
  • I will try to go to bed earlier in the evenings so that I have more time to try and fall asleep.
  • When I finish the bottle of magnesium, I will think about if it has helped at all, and if I should try something else.
  • I will try a different sleep product every month and hope to find something that works, even though I’m still not sleeping and becoming increasingly anxious.


Professional & Experienced Care
  • A 90-minute health assessment is conducted to improve and support your body on an individual level to function correctly and optimally.
  • Acupuncture and other treatments including herbs and supplements, are prescribed if needed to re-establish good natural sleep patterns.
  • Regular follow-ups to make sure that you are reaching goals set and that you are showing improvement on all levels. Treatment refinements are made accordingly.
  • A tailored and direct approach to treat the cause, and re-balance your sleep and other health goals within a set time frame.



For founder of award-winning company SleepDrops, Kirsten Taylor, it’s been a long-held dream and mission to help people experience true vitality through high-quality restorative sleep. With this in mind, she has built NZ’s first integrative sleep and wellness centre in Auckland. Heading the clinical team is naturopathic doctor, Estelle De Beer, who was brought over to NZ specifically to take care of patients. “Dr Estelle’s level of experience in treating sleep issues and other health conditions is exceptional,” says Kirsten. “I knew we needed to offer a truly fantastic experience that addressed individual sleep and health goals. Our sleep and wellness centre offers naturopathic consultations, infrared sleep pod sessions, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, psychology, sleep assessments, yoga and meditation classes in our beautiful custom-built facility, with state-of-the-art equipment. It’s the first of its kind and truly offers an opportunity to transform sleep and overall health.”



For more information and opening special offers please visit sleepandwellnesscentre.co.nz or call 0800 345 888 to talk to one of our specialist team