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Auckland’s Best Alternative Lattes

Forget your standard morning coffee to give you that little extra pep, the Auckland foodie scene is all about the alternative hot drinks and superfood lattes this winter! So why not jump on the bandwagon and branch out to try something new?

Street Organics

Over the bridge in Takapuna, Street Organics serves up one of the prettiest superfood lattes you can find. Coloured by Mistyday Plant Potions cosmic brew blend with blue spirulina, the latte is a bright aqua colour. It’s filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and flavour. Served with one of their many choices of milks, this is one drink that is sure to brighten up your morning!


Winona Forever

If you’re looking for a drink as dainty as it is delicious, then look no further than Winona Forever’s rose and Earl Grey latte. Using a blend of Earl Grey tea and rose water, the drink is the perfect mix of the creaminess of a latte with the taste of tea. Topped with dried rose petals and pink rose powder, it’s the perfect side to a sweet treat for afternoon tea.


Crave Café

If you’re in need of a drink that’s delicious and also good for your body, then the charcoal latte at Crave Café is the perfect drink for you! Following the superfood latte trend, don’t let the signature black hue of the charcoal deter you, it’s almost tasteless but still gives you all the cleansing benefits of this superfood. Try it out with coconut milk for the ultimate healthy treat!

Dear Jervois

Always making beautiful food perfect for your Instagram shots, Dear Jervois have stepped it up a notch with their unicorn white hot chocolates. It may not be the healthiest, but it sure is the prettiest drink you’ll find! It’s creamy and has a decent amount of froth on top—perfect for topping with colourful sprinkles and marshmallows. Just like something out of a fairytale!


Little Bird Organics, The Unbakery

Taking your usual coffee up a notch, The Unbakery’s espresso collection features a Turkish delight latte which may just become your new favourite way to drink coffee. The coffee is blended with steamed coconut and cashew milk, then blended with beetroot juice, cardamom and rose. The result is a drink that is reminiscent of a Turkish delight, only much, much healthier.


Words: Georgina Shearsby-Roberts