Be Blown Away | Ilcsi Natural Skin Care

The beginning of the year is the time when I reflect and reevaluate my choices. It’s an ideal time to refocus, and make plans and adjustments for both personal and professional improvement. It always feels like a fresh start, with the excitement and anticipation of what the year ahead might bring.

Interestingly, my Facebook feed suddenly became plant-based, from the benefits of longevity, to tissue regeneration to clearer thinking. So naturally, it got me thinking. If it can do this on an internal level, what can be done externally, topically, to the skin? I had been playing with products at the end of last year, being very sceptical at first, but then blown away with the results when I used them on some very difficult skin conditions.


Enter Ilcsi natural skincare range. Ilcsi is a brand with 60 years’ worth of knowledge and experience behind it. Its philosophy has always been simple and natural. There is a solution for every skin concern in nature. I kept asking myself though, “How could a natural brand deliver me the results professionally that I require?” I am extremely proud to say that I have been proven wrong this time, very wrong!

We are excited to announce that we will be officially launching this product at Vida Flores, Newmarket, on Thursday 27 February. Call now for more information or to secure your place.

Ilcsi is only made from certified Hungarian organic plants, fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and medicinal water, so they are using the power of living active ingredients rather than extracts. These ingredients have always been hand-picked and processed, grown on their own organic plantations or other organic plantations in Hungary, or wild harvested. Now with state-of-art computer-controlled blenders taking over the final phase of manufacturing, it allows Ilcsi to have a product range that has a shelf life of 15 months. This is very rare compared to some ‘natural’ brands that have a 6-9-month shelf life — another thing that I was concerned about.


The brand itself has deep-seated roots. Ilona Molnar (‘Aunt Ilcsi’), the founder of Ilcsi, was a true beauty trailblazer. Her grandmother was a herbalist, and Ilona grew up with the education and faith in the powerful benefits of natural ingredients. She had the answer to a multiple of skin conditions, and this was decades before the mainstream beauty community recognised the power of natural and organic ingredients, me included.


Ilcsi believes that true beauty begins with nature their certified natural skincare gives outstanding results, without harming people, animals or nature. Environmentally conscious in every aspect of their business, with a true respect for nature and their surroundings.

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