New Zealand cap company Offcut is struggling to keep up with demand for its caps after launching just four months ago (December). The startup has sold out within days each time it’s released one of its super limited New Zealand-made caps.


Offcut teams up with companies to use their waste fabric to save it from going to landfill and they also plant a tree with every cap sold.


The company launched its first offering just before Christmas, not long after best mates and co-founders Adrien Taylor, 26, and Matt Purcell, 27, came up with the original concept.


“My old man was in the textile industry,” says Adrien. “I went to his Christchurch warehouse last year and saw a room full of discarded fabric which was still brand new, He told me they paid someone to pick it up twice a year and dump it to landfill. I thought that was an insane thing to be doing in the 21st century so asked him if I could take the fabrics and turn them into caps.”


Offcut have now teamed up with almost a dozen companies to source their fabrics, all of which are offcuts, end-of-lines, misprinted or discontinued styles. Police and army uniform fabric feature in the range too.


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“We can’t reveal too much yet,” says Matt. “But we’re in talks with some of New Zealand’s most iconic fashion brands about releasing colab caps together. More on this soon.”


Fabric waste is a huge source of pollution worldwide. In New Zealand alone, 100 million kilos of textile waste ends up in landfill every year: the equivalent of almost 150 medium sized men’s t-shirts per person. Textile dyes and glues leech into the earth’s soil and the fabric releases greenhouse gasses as it breaks down.


As well as reducing textile waste, Offcut has a One for One business model inspired by Toms Shoes.


“We wanted to not only take something away from the planet — fabric waste — but give something back too,” says Adrien. “So we’ve teamed up with Trees For the Future to plant a tree with every cap sold.”


The first release sold out within four days.


Matt says that they were blown away by how it went: “And people have been begging us to make a second batch since.”


The company now gives early access to each of its releases to members who sign up for free on their website:


“So many people were really disappointed about missing out on our first few releases, so it’s really important to us to give them the first chance to get in before we sell out,” adds Matt.


Offcut is the first foray into fashion for both men. Christchurch-based Adrien is a former 3News reporter and founder of, while Matt, who’s based in Dubai, is a First Class airplane cabin crew member.



Words: Adrien Taylor, Co-founder, Offcut Caps