@bohemiateaco | TEA TO LIVE FOR

“Tea is all about pleasure,” says Rebecca Le Harle, the certified tea master behind boutique start-up Bohemia Tea Co, whose Sipper Club tea tasting subscription launched this month.


In the process of researching and acquiring tea for her business, she discovered many new, exotic and rare teas. These fascinating brews elevated her relationship with tea beyond the ordinary. Through The Sipper Club she wants to share that experience with others. Each month an exciting, rare tea is sent out with tasting notes to enhance the tea experience. Monthly live tasting videos allow subscribers to join this tea master and guests on a guided tea tasting.


“A good cup of tea can have just one of many contributing factors: quality tea (of course); clean water; great company; and a beautiful view. But great tea requires all of those factors to combine. With The Sipper Club we’re encouraging people to add a bit of celebration and ceremony to their tea drinking.”


There is a strong tradition of tea drinking in Rebecca’s family: “Four generations of ladies sat together drinking English breakfast recently, including my seven-year-old daughter. My grandfather went to Japan at the end of World War Two and came back with a love of drinking tea buds, which he would secretly add to the teapot swimming with tea bags. Tea runs in my blood”.


While working in a tea house years ago, the love of tea was solidified and a course was set. Since studying with the ITMA and completing a tea master qualification, Rebecca has been dedicated to serving and sharing the best of the tea world.