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Book Review | February

Easy-Luxury-Darren-Palmer-The-ClotheslineEasy Luxury

Darren Parmer

If you want some inspiration to give your home a fresh stylish look without breaking the bank then Easy Luxury will tick the box. Ideas include furniture grouping, textures, colour palettes for relaxed living and those clever interior design tricks that raise the standard of your average redecorating project to a higher level, are all part of the book. Darren Palmer is well known in interior design circles and investing in Easy Luxury will show you how to rework your living spaces into something rather smart.



tobinSymphony for the City of the Dead 

M.T. Anderson

There have been many books written about the Seige of Leningrad, fiction as well as fact. The new book Symphony For The City of The Dead by M T Anderson stands out as one of the best for a number of reasons not least of which is the production values of the book itself. Hardback and a text illustrated with black and white images, it just oozes a stylised Russian feel. Simple things like a fine red line around the pictures and a cover evoking a political Russian poster all add to the sum of the whole. The well-written book is about Dmitri Shostakovich, his music and the orchestra that played music to keep people alive and to honour those who died and the sheer fight for survival during the worst siege in modern history. Absolutely not to be missed.


The Widow

Fiona Barton

So many readers are craving their next good read that I am delighted to announce I have found the book to fill the gap left by Gone Girl, Girl on the Train and I Am Pilgrim. The Widow by Fiona Barton is a debut novel written by a journalist, whose role is to teach other journalists and there is a strong journalistic thread running through the twisted and dark storyline. Jean Taylor is a widow whose husband has allegedly done something awful and it is the press who are doing the hounding. Jean, however, has a chance to tell her side of the story for the first time… So take the phone off the hook, pour yourself a long cool drink and get right into the best thriller of the new year.

Words: Doris Mousdale

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