Book Review: Hot Off The Press

The New Animals – Pip Adam

A local book for local readers and those beyond. Pip Adam has just been announced as the winner of the Acorn Prize for Fiction 2018 which makes this book much talked about. Identifiably based in Auckland around its suburbs, New Animals is a story of a group of people who appear to be at the centre of things and able to influence the public with their sense of style and fashion nous but all in the tight group are looking for the meaning in their own lives some of which are spiralling out of control. A peek behind the scenes of the stylistas and their muses.


Less Andrew – Sean Greer

Less is about a man in crisis whatever he touches crumbles, crashes or just doesn’t go according to plan. To avoid attending the wedding of an ex-partner Arthur Less accepts invitations to literary events around the world which have been sitting on his desk for ages. Unfailingly the plans go wrong and the reader is entertained to hugely funny tale of Arthur’s mid-life crisis. This book has won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2018. You will find yourself sniggering out loud at Arthur’s travels and woes. A funny book is a rare thing nowadays.


Love and Ruin – Paula McLain

This is a book to immerse yourself in and totally forget about what is going on around you. Two strong main characters journalist Martha Gellhorn and writer Ernest Hemingway meet in Spain and go on to have a tumultuous relationship. Competitive careers get in the way of personal relationships and Gellhorn has to decide is she his wife or her own woman. Paula McLain channels Gelhorn’s voice perfectly. A must read for the book clubs.


Words: Doris Mousdale
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