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Book Review | June


A Beautiful Hesitation
Fiona Pardington

A Beautiful Hesitation is an incredible companion to Fiona Pardington’s retrospective exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery. Pardington is one of New Zealand’s most prolific and celebrated Maori photographers and this book coves thirty years — chronicling the haunting black and white images of her early work from the 80s and 90s through to the deep hues of her recent still lifes. Published by Victoria University Press, this coffee table book would be a wonderful addition to your home library.


The Mandibles
Lionel Shriver

It’s the year 2029 and the Mandible family have lived through a digital terrorist attack and are managing water shortages and eating cabbages that cost $20. However, it’s not until America’s financial meltdown hits its crisis point due to its dire national debt that they will learn the challenge of sheer survival. The dollar is worthless and their large expected inheritance has disappeared. Lionel Shriver explores with both humour and concern a chilling imagined future that feels scarily accurate.


The World’s Worst Children
David Walliams

David Walliams — one of our top selling Children’s authors — is back with this surprise publication. Grubby Gertrude, Peter Picker and Nigel Nit-Boy are some of the naughty children you will meet. The World’s Worst Children gives us ten short stories. For fans of Roald Dahl, these snack sized stories are perfect for a young reader who needs a stepping stone to chapter books. Each page is in full colour, with hilarious illustrations by Tony Ross.


The Sport of Kings
C. E. Morgan

A generational tale set in Kentucky — we meet a young Henry Forge who dreams of breeding and racing horses on his family’s corn farm. We meet his daughter, Henrietta Forge, who, despite her family’s success, feels empty and unfulfilled. We also meet Allmon Shaunessey, a convict who is hired to work as a horse hand on the Forge farm. Morgan’s rich descriptive language weaves a narrative of family legacy, slavery and horse racing. The Sport of Kings is a true southern gothic tale that will leave you breathless.



Re-Inventing New Zealand
Roger Horrocks

“A profound contribution to our intellectual life, to the ‘invention of ourselves’.” — Murray Edmond. New Zealand has moved through huge social and cultural changes over the past four decades and Roger Horrocks explores these through his essays about arts and media. Twenty-one essays are written from 1983–2016: Re-Inventing New Zealand, Film and Television and Artists, Writers and Composers are the headings under which each collection of essays sit. From 1960s hippy culture to the digital age, these and have a distinct voice that is insightful and informed.


Words by Time Out Bookstore, Mt Eden Village