Book Review November



Women Garden Designers

Kristina Taylor $119


We all know you can’t have too many gardening books but it is also surprising to see how the art of gardening is continually changing and so a new book is not just welcome but much needed! Women gardeners have always been influential from Gertrude to Vita to Rosemary Verey. Women Garden Designers covers the influential designers from around the world and this book is not only marvelous to wallow in, but it will prove to be a valuable resource for styling and planting your garden not just season by season but for the long term of your piece of heaven.






A Bunk For The Night

Shaun Barnett $50


This highly illustrated and descriptive guide to the best 200 huts to visit will encourage you to get out and about across the North and South Island and discover some of the best destinations to visit in the country. Most huts are available for public use and go from cosy two bunk affairs to the giant eighty bedders or rather sleeping baggers. Bunk for the Night is a great piece of New Zealand history and one of the unique parts of our tourist and holiday industry that sometimes we overlook. Essential for the tramper and casual tripper alike.






Living in the Landscape

Anna Johnson $85


As living in the city becomes more of a challenge, some are choosing to build and live in a more rural environment. Building a dream home wanting to fit in with the new way of living the countryside or forest requires takes a lot of thought and planning. This splendid book features twenty eight houses in unusual locations from cliff tops, to deep in the bush. The designs fit the stunning buildings into the landscape taking into consideration climate change, effect on the land and the relationship between a successful building and a breathtaking home. Each building is described by size, location, distance from other houses, rainfall and even latitude and longitude and height above sea level and of course includes the architects of each of the houses.





Bob Dylan All the Songs

Philippe Margotin $80


The acknowledgement of his talent by the Nobel Awards committee coincided with the timely release of Bob Dylan All the Songs, a huge volume of every recording session, the songs, who recorded them, how long the recording took, plus the chronological history of his song writing including a biography of Dylan himself. Fans will take this hefty book to their hearts and spend long hours taking in the wonder of his body of work. This is a fine book and a great tribute to one of the world’s most influential poet/songwriter/musicians of the past fifty years.