Book Review | October



Basics to Brilliance — Donna Hay

Just when you think you don’t need another cook book along come Donna Hay with one of her best yet. She takes the everyday meals such a roast chicken, crisp pork belly along with the traditional recipe, but she then gives each of them a twist and offers variations on the theme. This means you can build up your own collection of personal “signature” dishes and grow your repertoire of future favourites. Well illustrated, kitchen tested and as always Donna speaks to your inner chef. Novice cook or expert, Basics to Brilliant the must-have cook book of the season.



New Wave Vision — Hayden Cox.

New Wave is a business book with a fresh approach. Rather than telling you how to run a business Hayden Cox shares his experiences with you. As a young entrepreneur making surfboards he tells of how over twenty years he has highs and lows,the lessons he has learned and he combines his knowledge with insights from other influential creative names in the business world such as Karen Walker,Tony Hawk and the co-founder of Google Maps, Noel Gordon. This book might light the spark of your own good idea,as he says to make something work you just have to start.






Daylight Second — Kelly Ana Morey

A novel based on the famous well-loved New Zealand race horse Phar Lap is perfect for those looking for something out of the ordinary to read. Whether it’s your Book Club Pick or just pleasurable weekend reading. New Zealand author, Kelly Ana Morey has whipped up a good yarn for discerning readers. Not just the story of the champion, Daylight Second, is about the people who trained and raced the horse, those who followed the racing fraternity around the world and of course the working class folk who supported the star during the tough times between the wars. Read and enjoy.





The Story Orchestra, Four Seasons in One Day — Jessica Courtney-Tickle

The Story Orchestra is one of those rather special children’s books that adults will love to share with younger readers. Beautifully illustrated it is the story of Isabelle who wakes up and goes through an incredible journey which takes her through four seasons in one day. Along with the story and illustrations you can press each page and hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons which brings the story to life. Charming and inventive this book makes story time a real treat.




Words: Doris Mousdale

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