Off The Shelf | Books We Are Reading In September

I Give My Marriage a Year by Holly Wainwright

How far would you go to save your marriage? Lou and Josh have been together for 14 years. They share two kids, a mortgage, careers and plenty of history. Now, after a particularly fraught Christmas, Lou asks herself: is this marriage worth hanging on to?

Every month for a year, Lou sets a different test for their relationship to help her decide if she should stay or go. Secrets are exposed, old wounds reopened and a true-to-life suburban love story unfolds.

Macmillan Publishers, $37.99

The Telling Time by Pip McKay

A captivating novel of impossible love and soul-destroying secrets, Winner of the First Pages Prize, 2020.

1958: Gabrijela yearns to escape the confines of bleak post-war Yugoslavia and her tiny fishing community, but never imagines she will be exiled to New Zealand — housekeeping for surly Roko, clutching a secret she dare not reveal.

1989: Luisa, Gabrijela’s daughter, departs on her own covert quest, determined to unpick the family’s past. But amid Yugoslavia’s brewing civil unrest, Luisa’s journey confronts her with culture shocks and dark encounters of her own.

Polako Press, $34.95

This One Wild and Precious Life by Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson explores the central disorder of modern existence: disconnection from ourselves, disconnection from community, disconnection from the preciousness of life on this planet.

Sarah’s journey pivots from her own anxiety and feeling of disconnection, as she takes the reader on a three-year odyssey to reconnect with the life, she feels we are losing via a series of hikes around the world. Throughout, she brings together science and spiritual understandings (‘East meets West’), following in the footsteps of artists, poets and philosophers, to amplify the conversation that the world needs to have right now.

Macmillan, $37.99

For Reasons of Their Own by Chris Stuart

Melbourne is a city on the brink, from arson fed bush fires, searing heatwaves and the potential threat of terrorism.  Detective Inspector Robbie Gray, falling foul of Police bureaucracy, gets called to a body found lying in a rural swamp. When the nationality of the victim is revealed, ASIO take over her investigation and she is sidelined.

Convinced they are misinterpreting the evidence, she secretly digs for the truth and discovers an entirely different motive, one which transcends international borders and exposes corruption in the humanitarian world.

Original Sin Press, $35.00