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The Usborne Slot Together Theatre $50

This is great fun for all the family. The theatre in a box comes with two playscripts for Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Nut Cracker. The scenery, characters and downloadable music plus a book explaining how to put on your own performace are all part of the package. This is a gift for all ages to take part in and could very easily become part of your family’s Christmas tradition.



The Great War for New Zealand 1800-2000 – Vincent O’Malley $80

This is an important book and follows in the tradition of Michael King’s works of reference. Covering nearly two hundred years of tumultuous history from the early newcomers to the settlement of the Waikato-Tainui claim and apology from the New Zealand government. The Great War tells of the landmark battle, its origins and aftermath, and to the centre of the book are the Tainui people and their history. Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we have come, The Great War for New Zealand describes the journey to where we are now.



The Travel Book – Lonely Planet $90

This is the ultimate coffee table book. The Travel Book is huge and contains information and photographs of every country. It is perfect for the armchair traveller or those looking back on a life well travelled or indeed for those in the throes of planning the next big adventure. A browse through this book will lift your spirits and spark your interest in what’s out there in the big wide world.



Desire 100 of Literature’s Sexiest Stories – Mariella Frostrup $55

From Roald Dahl and James Joyce to Anais Nin and Henry Miller and many more, this anthology calls on some of the best names in writing. The subject encompasses, love, lust, seduction and romance and has very cleverly been collected by the good folk who work on the Erotic Review (a literary magazine of good taste). Buy one for the bedroom and one for the holiday house, or give to good friends and keen readers will be more than satisfied.



Words: Doris Mousdale

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