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01 – The Red Thread Nordic Design, Phaidon

This brand new book shows and explains why Scandanavian design is such a strong part of interior and furniture design worldwide, from Alvar Aalto to Hans Wegner they are all here. The thread that binds those countries and designers together is pure lines, simplicity, elegance of mass-made objects and the absolute usefullness of what they produce. Whether high-end one-offs or the humble everyday stool the designers artistic style shines through. So if you like living with the good stuff then this is the book for you. If you are a collector then the book will act as a perfect reference for the familiar and the more obscure of the best of Nordic design.



02 – London Uprising Fifty Fashion Designers One City, Phaidon

Not only is this book crammed with good fashion designers, the production of the book itself makes it totally covetable. Edited by Tania Fares and Sarah Mower they showcase the designers work, give you a biography of the designer and their style and unique points. The book has the feel of a working file or album about it. With different print pages and illustrations it is like a very classy album. Would be a wonderful gift for a budding fashionista but also a style bible for anyone who works in the industry or just loves fashion.




03 – Fashion Designers A-Z The Collection of the Museum of FIT

Another top of the range book and a huge tome to the world of fashion. The iconic designers who change our ideas of what to wear and influence style are all in here. It can be an outrageous idea that spreads around the world or an item of clothing that became the must have piece of the season, they are dreamt up and created by a huge contingent of designers competing on the runways of the major fashion houses. More than a coffee table book this is the inside edge of the collectable world of fashion.



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