Book Shelf | Feb 2018

Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff  | $38

You can’t miss the topic, whether it is the news, the press or Instagram, his name and what he has/hasn’t done or said gets blanket coverage. Michael Wolff’s take on the presidency and the president have taken the world by storm and the book takes you into the Oval Office and beyond during the first and very dramatic year in Trump’s first term. Up to now no one has disproved his take on Trump and Trump’s legal team are silent. Read and decide for yourself.

The Vanity Fair Diaries 1983-1992 by Tina Brown | $38

The perfect summer read. Dip in at any point and you are introduced to an astonishing cast of characters. Read it from cover to cover and discover how Englishwomen Tina Brown went to New York and breathed fresh life into the new but floundering Vanity Fair magazine. Along the way she meets anyone who is anyone and parties hard with the great ,good and very bad. If you love inside stories or hot gossip she is able to fill you in on just about everything that was going on the Big Apple. Compulsive reading and not to be missed.


Reminiscences of a Long Life by R C J Stone |  $90

The jewel in the crown of local publishing, this beautifully produced book which not only shows how Auckland was formed and grew into a major city but it reveals how some people have vision and the will to make great things happen. John Logan Campbell was one such character and his hard work and determination is unrivalled in a country full of visionary pioneers. Reminiscences is a recollection of Logan Campbell’s diaries which are to be archived in the War Memorial Museum and illustrated with a huge variety of paintings drawings and photographs.


Words: Doris Mousdale
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