BOOK SHELF – Home and design

01 — Mid-Century Modern 100 Postcards of Iconic Designs

Thames and Hudson

This little box is in the same vein as the Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design books but in a very clever postcard format. Yes, you could use the postcards as personal stationary or you could carry a few of them with you when out searching for those special original or homage pieces to complete your decor. If you are in full decorator mode, this set of 100 postcards would look stunning framed and hung as a group or you could use them as part of your interior design and decorate a lobby or bedroom or office with the postcards as artwork.



02 — Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design 

Thames and Hudson

Now here’s a novelty item to get your creative juices flowing. Four little concertina books in a slipcase depicting icons of original modern design. Explanations about the designers’ influences and where the styles sit in the history of design. The subjects coverd in the four little books are Lighting, Tables and Storage, Chairs and Product and Industrial Design. They are in themselves as items, decorative and visually appealing. They would also be very useful for making mood/reference boards if you were in a mind to cut them up, but left just as they are they will add tremendously to your knowledge of who made what and why such distinctive design has become so sought after.



03 — Upcycling 20 Creative Projects Made from Reclaimed Materials

Max McMurdo

The walls and floors are done, the lighting fixed and the furniture is in the right rooms. What you need to do now is just add your own personal style, taste or quirkiness and this brand new book Upcycling will show you how to transform random items of flotsam or even junk into desirable pieces. Simple easy to follow instructions and no need for complicated machinery or tools, a lot of the projects can be completed in a few hours. Who knows? This book could be the beginning of something big in your redecoration, renovation project.



04 — Tidy Space

Michael Freeman — Eightbooks

A new book from the renowned Michael Freeman is always egarly awaited and Tidy Space does not disappoint. The theme this time is the Zen and Shaker styles of design and how to incorporate them into your living arrangements. The book is slit into two halves front half is Shaker style including storage solutions, furniture and rooms, you then flip the book over and the other half is all about the pared down Zen way of living. Similar but different both of these looks are perfect for those wanting good, livable homes devoid of clutter, classic and contemporary at the same time.