Book Shelf September

Fashion and Music – Katie Baron

Art, Fashion and modern culture, this new book shows how the avant garde and the outrageous becomes acceptable dressing by and by. Interviews with movers and shakers from punk protagonists, style king David Bowie to the cool of Roxy Music, Grace Jones, and many more. Katie Baron, the author, is a founding member of the London College of Fashion think-tank, and this book is crammed with images of iconic looks that changed fashion forever.




Fashion Stylist’s Handbook – Danielle Griffiths

Fashion Stylist’s Handbook is the must-have bible for those creating a career for themselves as a fashion stylist, or, in fact, any aspect of the fashion industry. Whether you are working for a brand or setting up your own business as a freelance stylist, this book will show you how to set up a shoot, how to work as a stylist’s assistance and how to develop those connections in the business that are so important from day one. Keep a copy in your styling kit and break into the closed area of the fashion industry.




Savage Salads – Davide Del Gatto and Kristina Gustafsson

New season, new mantra, new promises to eat well and keep fit; each spring we all begin with good intentions. Savage Salads is about filling up, enjoying eating and knowing what you are eating is good for you, as well as keeping you on track nutrition-wise. The chefs are experts at creating punchy flavours and exciting combinations, and some take less than five minutes to prepare so you are out of the kitchen in double-quick time, leaving you to get on with the rest of your busy life knowing you have eaten well.




The Atomic Weight of Love – Elizabeth J. Church

A story of an unforgettable woman. Mari is looking back at her life, to the time she met Alden, a man twenty years her senior, how his career clashed with hers and how marriage back in the 40s meant sacrifices such as putting her career on hold or even giving up on it altogether. Raising eyebrows and making enemies, Meri decides she will defy society and do her own thing. The Atomic Weight of Love is a story of two special characters, an electrifying intellectual partnership which grows into something else, and how science and history changes lives. Good reading for book clubs, be a first reader, add it to your list now.



Words: Doris Mousdale




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