Book Shelf | September 2017

01 – House of Spies, Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon has been promoted but his old boss still has an office just across the corridor from Gabriel. Gabriel has his own way of solving problems so when a terrorist attack in America is closely followed by a dastardly attack on a theatre in the West End of London he has to quickly get like minded people in his team to follow not only the terrorists and the one small clue Gabriel has discovered, but where the money that funds such dreadful deeds comes from. As always in Daniel Silva’s books he takes the reader to countries around the world makes current affairs pop off the page and takes you to the heart of a secret organisation and how it works. House of Spies is so topical you could read about such events in tomorrow’s newspapers.



02 – Together, Julie Cohen

This is not so much a love story as a story about love. Emily and Robbie have been together for more than 54 years and like any couple have a routine that each is very familiar with until the day when Emily finds a note at the side of her bed, and her beloved Robbie is missing. Their story then unfolds gradually, finishing with the time they met back in the sixties. Julie Cohen has captured a life together with its ups and downs and long kept secrets that  only the two know of. Together is a book with a sad beginning but it is a story full of warmth and love and life. Don’t miss out, Together is going to build a following very quickly indeed.



03 – The Decorated Home, Meg Braff

The thing that makes The Decorated Home sing is that it is packed with colour, pattern and beautiful design. This is a book for those who want their home to ooze grace and charm and that lived in quality that sometimes eludes the overthought, overworked minimalist modern interior. Meg Braff is well known in the world of interiors and in this new book she guides you room by room showing how pleasant it is to live with style and joy and a well-plumped cushion.



Words: Doris Mousdale

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