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Brows Speak Volumes

If you had told me before Christmas that I would start 2018 by getting ‘tattooed’, I would have laughed at the very idea. But being one for a bit of adventure and always reluctant to turn down a new experience, when the opportunity to have my brows microbladed presented itself, I thought to myself: “It’s a fresh new year, time for a fresher, younger look.”


There were times when it was proper and fashionable to sport pencil thin eyebrows: Mine being naturally thin and pretty insubstantial were totally ‘du jour, then. Things change and thin eyebrows no longer cut it. The look now is thicker, more natural, but still groomed, a look I have long hankered after.


So it was on a beautiful summer’s day a little over two weeks ago that I first met Melissa at her lovely salon in Helensville, a little over two hours later, I was the proud owner of a newer lusher look and a set of perfectly and professionally microbladed brows.



I did not know Melissa very well, but from the get go I could tell that she is a perfectionist, one who is: (a) deeply passionate about what she does; and (b) exceptionally professional. I was emailed heaps of info up front, and Melissa answered any question I had promptly. She followed up emails with phone calls, and generally put me at ease. On the day of treatment, the professionalism continued. Not only does she know what she is doing, but is also a lovely person to boot, friendly, easy to chat to, and a great sense of humour. By the time she came to do the microblading of my brows, I felt totally comfortable and confident in the outcomes.



At first — I could not believe the face looking back at me from the mirror. Gone were the skimpy uneven brows — and in their place two newly minted far more even and bushier looking eyebrows. Not quite Frida Kahlo! But then who could beat her look ever? I can see that (even though relatively unobtrusive) they add better definition to my face as well as helping my eyes to stand out more. I am now on day 16, and well past the official end of the healing period, and I could not be happier with the results. When I in the mirror after getting up in the morning I say to myself, ‘And I really did wake up like this!”


Get to know Melissa by clicking this link.


Words: Fran Ninow

Contact Melissa Carr:
09 420 9775 — 021 187 2661