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Can’t wait for summer

I am fed-up with looking at mouldy walls and ceilings and muddy lawns, plants bedraggled and waterlogged gardens. At large puddles in driveways, dodging the rain drops and cleaning muddy boots!


Spring is apparent in the beautiful blossoms that are still on some of the trees and summer is just around the corner. Labour weekend was the official start of it. Everything looks better and brighter in summer.

Renting is slow with prospective tenants taking their time to make a decision. Why? Who knows, maybe it is the uncertainly of the government or the miserable weather.



Be aware of prospective tenants including references from previous landlords that are not signed by them.

This week a tenant applied for a property and included in their application a reference from one of their landlords stating how great they were. They actually put the landlords phone number on it and of course we phoned her. To our amazement she told us that it was not written by her, and she said she wouldn’t have given them a good reference and certainly would not of put it in writing!

Do not take anything at face value, always do your checks. It will save you lots of problems in the future.

It is easier to place tenants into a property than to get tenants out.

Do those checks.


Happy Renting


Sylvia  Lund AREINZ | Director | 40 St Johns RD, Meadowbank | 528 4817 or 09 528 4818