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Explore and Pursue Meaningful Work with Creativity and Optimism

  • Starting your Career
  • Returning to Work
  • Career Development
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Creative Sector Mentoring


As a visionary career hub engaged for 15 years in NZ’s creative sector we know that creativity forms the basis of all meaningful work. We believe that careers are created, not predestined, and that creativity is boundless.


Whether you’re planning a change in employment, returning to employment after a long absence, starting out on your career, or moving your creative practice forward, we can assist you.


Starting your Career

For those new to the world of work, Careers Lab can provide guidance and practical support in taking those first steps. We can help you make this journey an adventure.


Returning to Work

If you’re seeking to re-enter employment after an absence, Careers Lab can provide guidance in negotiating and succeeding in the changing work environment.


Creative Sector Mentoring

Careers Lab can align your creative aspirations and abilities for success in industry-fit roles or personal projects.


Career Development

Questioning where to go next in your career, or feel stuck and unable to make a career decision? We will assist you to explore career possibilities and design a rewarding future that honours your vision and values. Great career decisions are made with self-knowledge that grows with practical support and guidance.


Job Search Strategy

We can coach you through job seeking and developing a targeted CV and cover letter, an effective online presence, and interview techniques that prepare you to confidently attend and impress in interviews. In some cases, services can be provided free of charge if you’re currently unemployed.


Tomorrow is always a new day, fresh with possibility, so have a look at Call 09 963 2328 or email