Celebrating 21 Years of Harrowset Hall & saying goodbye to a local favourite

It’s a time to celebrate and after 21 years of successful trading Harrowset Hall is closing down. This decision has come at a time of upheaval with the redevelopment of the Westfield mall development and current plans with Auckland City Council to demolish the section of Nuffield St that houses the strip that Harrowset Hall has been part of.


It is an exciting time for Newmarket with the redevelopment of the mall but owner Ingrid Memelink feels that it is time to reconsider redirection of energy and time.



“Harrowset Hall has been a passion project for so many years and we have been hanging on these past few years while parts of Newmarket became a construction zone and customers largely stayed away from the area. Thankfully many of our loyal customers love what we do and kept us trading over that period. However retail has become more of a numbers game and large format chain stores constantly push product into the market at reduced prices leading customers to expect the same from smaller retailers. They now buy basics like sheeting online and expect specialist retailers to carry the occasional and obscure but still offer it to clients at half price!


“With rising rents and expectations it is increasingly difficult to make a profit in store.  We are encouraged by our many suppliers for whom we have been a very important outlet and will continue with our online presence and look forward to maintaining many of our customer relationships at our sister store The Linen Store on Broadway Newmarket.


“We are looking at improving our presence online and providing a more interactive experience whereby we can show clients what we do and help them select items that will enhance their interiors.”


“These days a lot of homes look more like art galleries than places to rest and heal from the world. Concrete glass and steel is predominant and personally I feel people need to look at their soft furnishings and use them to soften the hard edges of their homes. We are leading such restless lives dashing hither and thither dropping off, picking up, it seems we hardly have time to breathe! Perhaps this is why cafes and restaurants are so full. People no longer feel like they are coming home. Just passing through?


“For me home is a place of rest and relaxation. I love coming home, cooking at home and relaxing in my beautiful bedroom. It really is a sanctuary from the world. We need this as we contemplate the bigger picture of climate change and social upheaval. We need to think more responsibly about how we live and consume. In spite of the publicity of the risk posed by fast fashion and overseas conglomerates who spout about environmental strategies and yet produce disposable furniture and fast fashion items to the consumer. Consumption of these things has actually grown rather than slowed as people buy for the moment rather than for the long term.


“If you spend a little more on a good pair of sheets that last significantly longer you are really helping the environment rather than buying cheap products multiple times. It will be sad to leave behind the legacy of maintaining a heritage brand in NZ but the gap between our overheads and our income has declined and news of the redevelopment has helped make my mind up. I have enjoyed the time which has had its ups and downs and look forward to continuing to provide quality linen at The Linen Store.”


Meanwhile we are going to enjoy a gentle closing down period and hope to see many of our regulars during our extended closing down sale which will start with 15% off all stock for the month of October.”


7/23 Nuffield St, Newmarket    09 524 4452    harrowsethall.co.nz