Central Bark

Conveniently positioned at 99 St Georges Bay Rd., Parnell, purpose-built Central Bark is the first doggie day care and pet hotel in the area— taking in both dogs and cats. The sprawling, state-of-the-art facility includes five indoor dog parks, bespoke play equipment, and specially-designed cleaning system, all to ensure pooches and pussycats are pampered to the max! Our passionate, experienced team includes a vet nurse, animal trainer and behavioural specialist who aim to raise the pet-care bar in New Zealand.



Our doggie day care, grooming salon, and pet retail space, packed with top quality treats, launches in July, with the five-star pet hotel — comprising plush cat condos and luxurious dog suites — hot on its heels.



How will the dogs be assigned to their spaces?

Each is immediately assessed on temperament, sociability, size and energy levels and grouped accordingly. Some dogs might ‘graduate’ from our ‘Mid-Town’ area to the ‘Big Apple’, as they learn more social skills. We plan to operate a ‘Cruisers Club’ for older and more chilled pets, and a ‘Puppy Club’ with positive play and rests for the young ones.



All staff are trained using science-based positive reinforcement methods, free of fear, force or pain. They are also trained in low-stress handling and feline behaviour. Dogs will be monitored always by at least one carer.



Tell us about your day-care staff?

Our hand-picked team are confident animal handlers with passion and sound experience, in many cases backed by qualifications. General manager and co-owner, Maggie Butler, has lifelong experience with animals, including several years of pet therapy, breeding, training and showing. She has attended several animal behaviour and training courses.


Day-care manager Lauren Kerr takes charge of the team — she’s a vet nurse with an animal welfare degree and more than a decade’s experience in the industry. Senior pet stylist Masami Bell heads the grooming salon, also with more than 10 years’ experience, and just down the road is Megan and her wonderful team at the Strand Veterinarian.



Describe a typical doggie day care day.

The dogs arrive between 7am – 9am, full of energy, so lots of supervised positive play is required! From 9am-11.30am more play and toy time is accompanied by photos so that mum and dad can see them on social media when they take their lunch breaks. The next two hours are for napping and lunch, then from 1.30pm-3.30pm it’s more activity time such as tug-of-war, obstacle courses or enrichment games. Over the following three hours is collection time, so it’s last licks, play time with their buddies and cuddles with their canine carers before heading out the door.


We only allow mutual physical or mouth play with other dogs — rough or aggressive behaviour cannot be tolerated as we wish to nurture an environment of positive socialisation.



Are there vaccination requirements?

All animals attending our day care or pet hotel must be fully vaccinated and de-sexed by specific ages unless otherwise discussed with the Central Bark team.



Central Bark
99 St Georges Bay Road Parnell
(Corner of St Georges Bay & Cleveland Roads)
maggie@centralbark.co.nz | 09 302 2002
centralbark.co.nz (full website coming soon)