Rosita Hendry

In a spin over Cirkopolis

Auckland’s Rosita Hendry is one of our greatest high flyers and the beautiful 27-year-old is about to descend on the city again … literally.


Rosita is an aerial gymnast (among other things) and is on her way from Paris to New Zealand with the spectacular theatre show, Cirkopolis. Not only will she dazzle from great heights but she’ll come spinning on to The Civic stage in Auckland from 5 December at a rate of knots on her cyr wheel.


She is one of a dozen multi-disciplined international acrobatic artists who will challenge the limits of gravity with their physical prowess, and bring to the stage their irrepressible French-Canadian humour, with mind-blowing blend of acrobatics, theatre and dance set against a breathtaking and imposing urban cityscape.


For Rosita, returning to Auckland is a dream come true and one she didn’t imagine would happen so early in her career. Having cut her teeth performing around Auckland at RSAs, retirement villages and community events, then training in theatre and dance at Apollo Theatre College, Rosita moved to Melbourne at the age of 20 to study circus full time while supporting herself by playing the accordion on the streets.


Then an accident that saw her break a rib sent her hurtling in a new direction – Montreal to the École Nationale de cirque where she spent the next three years honing her craft.


She was so good, upon graduating she was hired by Cirque du Soleil to perform in the Pan Am games in Toronto then become the gravity defying character Lolita in its show called Stone.


“I’ve been living out of New Zealand for almost six years now so I’m super excited to be heading home,” says Rosita.


“Almost all my training and performing has been overseas. When I was in my last year of full time training at École Nationale de Cirque we created a business plan for our career. In it I included that I wanted to have the opportunity to perform in my home country, to be able to share with friends and family what I do and to really thank them for all their support and for always cheering me on as it has meant so much to me. I honestly didn’t think it would happen anytime soon, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear Cirkopolis was heading to New Zealand. The icing on the cake being the last destination for the year meaning I could stay home for Christmas, the first one home in four years.”


Rosita says she finds performing hugely rewarding.


“I love the immense satisfaction of different roles and challenges and growing as an artiste and performer on many different levels. As a dancer musician and circus performer I am deeply aware of the immense privilege to be given the opportunities to do what I love. To travel extensively and have the greatest joy of bringing what I do to an audience where they are for a moment in time transported to a completely different reality.”


Cirkopolis has been performed in over 30 countries and has gathered an overwhelming dossier of international acclaim and accolades, including 2014 New York Drama Desk Award Winner for Unique Theatrical Experience.


The Civic from 5 December. Tickets from Ticketmaster.