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Yvonne is behind the fat freezing treatment at Coolbody, which is sister clinic to Sapphire. The former bodybuilder and current personal trainer knows a thing or two about body and face shapes.


New Zealand Champion Body Builder

“I’d always battled with my weight and took up weight training in my 40s. I did it for six weeks and was blown away by what it could do,” she says.

She then decided to compete as a bodybuilder. “I didn’t want to make a fool of myself so I trained for three years and won the New Zealand title. This inspired me to want to help people over 35 look great so I became a trainer,” says Yvonne.


Cooltech Fat Freezing

Yvonne had been a patient of Garsing’s for a long time when Margaret asked her if she’d like to manage the Cooltech machines. “My background means I look at bodies differently from other people,” says Yvonne. “It’s not about weight loss it’s about shaping. We’re lucky to have the best machines in the world.”

The Cooltech procedure uses cryolipolysis technology. This works on the principle that fat cells and tissue are vulnerable to temperature changes. The controlled cooling treatment activates apoptosis—controlled cell death—which gradually and naturally eliminates stubborn fat from the body.


Eating Her Words

“We develop fat cells until we’re about 22 or 23, after that they swell or shrink with weight gain and loss,” says Yvonne. “When Margaret first explained Cooltech I was disbelieving but I’ve had to eat my words. I’ve done so many treatments now. If I’m not happy with the results I’ll do it again – that’s my guarantee.”


The Treatment

“I take a calliper reading, punch the result into the machine and then you lie on the bed,” says Yvonne. “I pop a cold cloth on the area so the skin doesn’t burn followed by the machine’s handpieces. People then read, work or relax for 70 minutes while the area freezes down; it doesn’t hurt, it feels numb. We have two machines so we can work on multiple areas. It’s very clever, I get blown away by the results.”

Results are seen in as little as 15 days after treatment with optimal results two months post-treatment.


Price Guide: $1,150 for a double.