Crafter by Wüsthof now available at Day & Age

The Crafter is the latest release by Wüsthof, as a homage to over 200 years of knife-making tradition. The German manufacturers of premium knives have crafted handles made from smoked oak, with interlocking brass riveting and specially hardened steel for the blades.


As the name Crafter suggests, it is a robust work knife – made for unique cooks and dynamic people who are not only shy of hard work, but also appreciate the stylish rustic aesthetic of this extraordinarily high-quality knife.


Of course being German, they don’t like to boast, so we’ll do it for them! The ergonomic knife handle sits perfectly in the hand and curves in a way that prevents slipping. It is made of water-resistant smoked oak, which gives the knife an unmistakable character thanks to its individual grain, then finished with traditional brass rivets – truly a thing of beauty! The mark of a quality knife has much to do with the tang. As an extension of the blade, the tang gives the forged knife a reliable stability. In addition, it ensures good balance as a counterweight to the cutting blade. In short, the Crafter series offers all the characteristics of a premium knife range – not just a pleasure to the eye, but with a whole new level of enjoyment to everyday food preparation. Go to www.dayandage.co.nz to view the full range.