Cruise Back in Time and Commemorate the Armistice with International Historian Jay Winter

Wild Earth Travel is later this year embarking on an exclusive small ship cruise timed to commemorate the centenary of the First World War Armistice on the Eastern Front, accompanied by prominent historian Jay Winter.

Jay is a writer, professor of History emeritus at Yale University and is an International Authority on WWI. Passengers will join Jay and Wild Earth Travel this October to cruise back in time sailing through Greek Islands visiting Gallipoli.

Highlights will include visiting the Salonika Front inland from Thessaloniki, two days exploring Lemnos, a full day touring the Gallipoli Peninsula and visits to the battleground of Crete.

Those with a passion for ancient history will love visiting Pergamon’s Acropolis, Lemnos’ 3000 year old amphitheatre of Hephaestia and Therma’s historic springs dating back to the age of Homer. There will also be time to explore the picture postcard beaches of Mykonos, swim in the clear waters and sample the best Mediterranean cuisine.



Those with family ties to the ANZACs will find themselves reflecting on their heritage as they learn more about the war experiences of the ANZACs in the Aegean Sea. As we cruise witness first hand the landscapes and conditions that the soldiers and medics knew so well during the First World War- the largely forgotten eastern Mediterranean fronts.



New Zealand based Wild Earth Travel chartered a historical cruise in 2015 (In the Wake of the Anzac Nurses) and the team is excited to be returning to the Aegean and offering passengers a unique perspective on this monumental event.

“We can’t wait to head back to the Mediterranean this year, particularly accompanied by a world class historian such as Professor Winter”, says Wild Earth Travel General Manager, Aaron Russ.

“Our 48 lucky passengers aboard the comfortable Panorama II will relish the opportunity to go beyond the history books and delve into the experiences of those impacted by WWI.”

Joining the Wild Earth voyage for the first time renowned historian Jay Winter is certainly looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the group and highlights, “Gallipoli is unsurpassed as a site of memory”.

“Exploring Saloniki is a treat, under-rated and surprising. A former Turkish city taken by Greece in 1912, Saloniki was the gateway to both the Gallipoli front and the Balkan front North and West of the city. Here is a place to see the war in a truly global light”, says Jay.

From the birthplace of civilisation to the tragedies of the First World War and now to multicultural present day, actively learn and experience with Professor Winter to commemorate a time that shaped the world as we know it.


More about the voyage:

  •  The voyage is set to sail from 9-22 October 2018, inclusive of 7-nights accommodation on board Panorama II, 2 nights accommodation in Thessaloniki and International and domestic flight transfers.
  •  Panorama II is a classic modern sail cruiser that accommodates 48 guests with a comfortable, public lounge, sun areas and generously sized restaurant.
  •  Price from NZ$9,995/AU$8,995pp
  •  Flights depart from New Zealand; Auckland/Christchurch or select Australian capital cities.


More about Wild Earth travel:

Wild Earth Travel offers small cruise- ship cruises and expeditions with opportunities to see the world from the decks of our ships. Indulge in the advantages of small ship sizes travel with like-minded travellers, relax and savour all within a personal, intimate and safe setting. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn on board and a shore through the expedition teams and guides, really see and experience the very best of every destination.


Photo: Poppy highlights amongst the Athens Memorial.