Cutting Back on Food Waste

Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste

Whenever possible, use the whole fruit or vegetable.

Root vegetable skins hold half the flavour so try and leave them on for tastier dinners.
Rather than just adding a squeeze of lemon into a stews, curries or bakes, try adding the pulp instead. It will break down while it cooks, but leave bursts of flavour.


Think ahead

Citrus in particular is my go-to for adding flavour. If the peel is not required for a dish, zest the fruit anyway, and store it in a jar with a little water for next time. It will also mean no more half peeled, dry fruit on your bench.


Let the seasons help decide your meals.

Having a vegetable garden — or pots — is the best way to eat seasonally, and select only what you need at any time.



Rather than throwing away food scraps into landfill, composting is much better for the environment. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have space for one, why not ask a neighbour who has one, if you can add to theirs?


Great local spots

Boric Food Market – Riverhead & Coatsville Highway.
Amazing source for produce, much of it grown on their own orchards, or from local growers. Great quality and variety — you’ll find us there weekly!

Harvest Wholefoods – Grey lynn
Bit of an institution. Can’t go past them for organic supplies and depth of knowledge!

Saffron Foods – Unerversal Drive, Henderson
This is our go to for amazing spices and supplies. Huge range, fresh and friendly helpful staff.


Peel to Pit
617 New North Road, Morningside, Auckland